On March 30, a Year of Magic begins at Gardaland Resort

By | February 5, 2019

Gardaland Resort has always evoked, in the minds of everyone, an extraordinary journey into the worlds of adventure and fantasy: from Gardaland Park – with its Rides for the younger ones, dedicated to the enchanted world of fantasy and the majestic, adrenaline-filled adventure-based ones – to the themed aquarium of Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium to its two Hotels, Gardaland Hotel and Gardaland Adventure Hotel, where the Park’s adventure can be experienced all through the night.

There is however a third ingredient that makes Gardaland Resort so special and which is behind its extraordinary success: magic!

Which is why Gardaland has decided to dedicate the whole season to the world of magic, inaugurating, Saturday 30th March, the highly anticipated Year of Magic: a year full of new additions that will concern the whole Resort and which will cater to the needs of everyone, children and adults alike.


Several are the new additions awaiting younger and older Visitors inside the Park, starting from La Foresta Incantata (The Enchanted Forest).

Accessible through a magic mine, Foresta Incantata is going to be a walk-through ride, an interactive course dedicated to families who will be part of an extraordinary experience in a world where anything can happen, among plants and magic flowers, talking trees, giant mushrooms and fantastic creatures.

After walking under the Wizard’s big hat, positioned at the entrance of the magic portal, Visitors will discover the Forest’s story and will be invited to start their mission: saving the Magic Forest. The Wizard of Gardaland will indeed require the support of younger Guests to stop the Evil Witch who is threatening to turn the Forest into stone. The bravest ones will become Sorcerer Apprentices and they will help the Wizard to break the spell and save the Foresta Incantata and its inhabitants.

The bravest among wizards and witches, looking for a magic experience full of excitement, will be delighted to find out that Gardaland is reopening a great, thrilling ride in a new magic context: Sequoia Magic Loop, with an exciting course that reaches a maximum height of approximately 30 metres from the ground, featuring a series of 180° inversions, offering chance after chance to experience the thrill of remaining upside down.

Magic also means show! The spectacles will accompany Visitors throughout their day at the Park. Starting from the Welcome Show at the opening of the gates, where Prezzemolo, accompanied by beautiful winged fairies and by knights of the enchanted Realm, will be welcoming Guests to the tune of a new, magic soundtrack tailor-made for the event. The Teatro della Fantasia (Theatre of Fantasy) will play host to a show called “La Fata delle Bolle” (The Fairy Tale of Bubbles), an evocative experience starring a performer of international stature such as Silvia Garuffini. After being presented in the most prestigious theatres worldwide her show arrives at Gardaland to surprise all families. After its successful performance last season “Gardaland On Broadway 2” is back at Gardaland Theatre, with new scenes, new tunes and brand new outstanding artists, live and even more magic than before.

Another new addition of 2019 will be “Magic Elements”, a spectacular show on the stage of PalaMagic with rich video-mapping special effects, spectacular water and fire games, theatrical pyrotechnic fires and many other surprises. A captivating narration and a highly selected artistic cast, made of talented performers, will create a visually and emotionally impactful show which won’t fail to amaze its public. The forces of good, represented by a young Wizard will be severely tested by the forces of evil and only a “big battle of spells” will manage to preserve the Realm of Peace and Serenity.

“To the delight of our younger Guests, the wholly themed area Peppa Pig Land is about to get even richer thanks to the arrival of two new characters: families will indeed get to meet live Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog, dear friends of Peppa and George, and have souvenir pictures taken with them. After the success of last season the three popular rides of the area – Pirate Island Boat Ride, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride and Pirate Island Boat Ride – will continue to welcome children and treat them to wonderful adventures.”

Last but not least, the unmissable visit to Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium where, for season 2019, a new spectacular water tank is going to host the magic and fantastic Seahorses, native of SEA LIFE, as part of the program to safeguard endangered marine species. Gardaland SEA LIFE is indeed part of an international task force that constantly monitors the situation of seas worldwide, in order to protect and preserve this very delicate species. It therefore doesn’t acquire nor capture free seahorses in open sea; it breeds them in its own aquarium, making them to spawn and procreate. New special edutainment activities for the younger ones will simply have to be tried and they can be purchased through telephone booking: the Notte all’Acquario (Night at the Aquarium), to sleep surrounded by fascinating marine creatures and Un giorno da Leoni (A day as a Lion), to experience all the emotions of a direct and exclusive meeting with our friendly sea lions.


But the main new addition of the year will definitely be Gardaland Magic Hotel, the new, fully themed 4-star Hotel dedicated to magic set to open on 31st May 2019.

Gardaland Magic Hotel – a building that required a 20-million-euro investment – will be made of 128 large rooms themed in three different and evocative settings: Foresta Incantata (Enchanted Forest), Cristallo Magico (Magic Ice Castle)and Grande Mago (Wizard House). Each room will be divided in two different areas – with a double bed on one side and two single beds on the other side – designed to enjoy and share a unique experience with the whole family.

In the Foresta Incantata (Enchanted Forest)rooms Guests will feel like inhabitants of a magic forest: adults will be sleeping at the feet of an imposing talking tree while children will be spending the night under astonishing giant mushrooms, flowers and amusing vine entanglements.

Those choosing to stay in a Cristallo Magico (Magic Ice Castle)room will be spending the night inside a fantastic castle of dazzling ice. Adults will be the king and queen of an enchanted realm inhabited by magic creatures, while children, dressing up as fearless knights, will be the guardians of enormous shields and swords to defend the castle. Everyone will be spending the night surrounded by imposing and comfortable frozen sculptures, immersed in a world where candid winged unicorns and flying dragons sail the skies.

In the Grande Mago (Wizard House)room, on the other hand, Guests will be staying inside the Casa del Mago (House of the Wizard). Adults will be sleeping under his huge, magic hat admiring fantastic suspended islands while children will be the apprentices of the great Wizard and, thanks to magic spells, they will make ancient, secret books fly.

A stay at Gardaland Magic Hotel will be, for children and their families, like one big journey into an enchanted realm that will extend their visit to the Park, turning it into an uninterrupted, immersive experience. A unique location where they will be travelling with their fantasy, enjoying the amazing kind of fun that Gardaland always has and always will offer.

Gardaland Magic Hotel will be located near the other two Hotels of the Resort – Gardaland Hotel and Gardaland Adventure Hotel – sharing with them a vast aquatic area for fun and relax, to cool down after a day at Gardaland Park or Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium. Thanks to Gardaland Magic Hotel, Gardaland Resort will reach an incredible grand total of 475 rooms – 257 of which completely themed – which will make it the first and only Italian Hub for themed hotels.

While awaiting the great inauguration of Gardaland Magic Hotel, Visitors will be able to extend all the fun of the Park even during the night while staying at the two hotels of the Resort, Gardaland Hotel and Gardaland Adventure Hotel.

Gardaland Hotel, with is particular New England-style pink building and its 247 rooms is the quintessence of the worlds of fantasy, of dreams, of enchantment and of fairy tales. Divided in four pavilions, the hotel can also boast numerous themed rooms, dedicated to different themes: from the ones dedicated to Peppa Pig to the Kung Fu Panda ones, from SEA LIFE to Happy Circus, from the Covo dei Pirati (Pirates Cove) ones to the Magic House rooms, Oblivion and the highly popular Princess Kingdom and Snow Princess.

Gardaland Adventure Hotel, dedicated to our more adventurous Guests, is also made of two pavilions that host 100 themed rooms with scenography linked to the various worlds of adventure present inside the Park. From the lush jungle to the wild west, from the arctic, among glaciers and mammoths to Arabian atmospheres that look out of “One thousand and one nights”: Jungle Adventure, Wild West Adventure, Arctic Adventure and Arabian Adventure for an unforgettable night!

Open from 30th March to 3rd November, Gardaland Resort offers interesting purchasing solutions for combined tickets granting access to Gardaland Park and Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium at a truly special price.