Gardaland Magic Hotel expresses the new FUN&MAGIC in the world of tourism – 8 weekly flights from the UK with the agreement with Jet2Holidays

By | October 12, 2018

A 3D video and exclusive footage were the ingredients of Gardaland Resort’s unveiling of the architecture of the new Gardaland Magic Hotel which will be inaugurated at the end of May 2019, with a 20 million euro investment.

The images showed the architectonic characteristics of the new structure, with its unusual purple roof and a golden gate that opens on the symbol of Gardaland Magic Hotel: the Cappello Gigante del Mago (Giant Magician Hat) suspended on a garden where gigantic, colourful flowers and mushrooms pop out. Everything evokes a magic and surreal atmosphere perfectly in tune with the new FUN & MAGIC trend that the tourism industry has indicated for next year.

New consumer scenarios – currently being discussed at the TTG Travel Experience di Rimini (Italy) – indicate that the word of travel is changing thanks to the development of technologies that allow to recreate and reproduce environments and experiences to be enjoyed at a personal level, erasing the borders between real and virtual worlds. Turning the trip into a fun and magic experience to be shared on social networks increases the interest towards touristic products that can surprise and entertain.

Gardaland already expresses this new tendency because it is an out and out fantasy container, a place made of lightness and magic, which can boast a time-tested tradition, one of the top choices of tourists looking for fun. Easy to visit as it was created to be welcoming, it is a unique and surreal location: a world where one can travel with fantasy, where entertainment is a tradition and where enchantment is even more surprising.

Catching onto this new trend, Gardaland will dedicate all of season 2019 to FUN & MAGIC, bringing together its proven tradition of fun with the surprising novelty of magic. Gardaland Magic Hotel will be, for children and adults, an enchanted dream becoming true, which will extend their visit to the Park turning it into an uninterrupted travel experience.

The hotel will be made of 128 large, wholly themed rooms, with three different settings – Grande Mago (Great Wizard), Cristallo Magico (Magic Crystal) and Foresta Incantata (Enchanted Forest); each room will be divided into two different areas, with a double bed on one side and two single beds on the other side, designed to enjoy and share a unique experience with the whole family.

The new hotel will be located near the other two structures – Gardaland Hotel and Gardaland Adventure Hotel –, sharing with them a vast aquatic area for fun and relax.

The rich proposal of the Resort and the growing interest shown by foreign tourists is pushing Gardaland to develop new potential markets, in and out of Europe and to sign agreements with tour operators of primary importance.

The growing number of tourists arriving from the United Kingdom in recent years, steadily increasing and currently reaching 230 units has encouraged Gardaland to sign an important agreement with tour operator Jet2Holidays, specialised in family vacations.

The agreement– starting as early as from June 2018 – provides for eight weekly flights from various cities in the United Kingdom to Verona. Bigger aircrafts will be responsible for a 22% increase in the number of people visiting the area.

Jet2Holidays will not only provide for direct flights it will also promote, with the sale of online packages, Gardaland Hotel, Gardaland Adventure Hotel and the great new addition of 2019, Gardaland Magic Hotel. The Garda Lake can definitely be seen as an Italian destination on the rise in terms of popularity among English holidaymakers, thanks to its mix of entertainment, cultural attractions, fantastic food and quality drinks, on top of its beautiful nature and mild climate.