Among giant pumpkins and monsters of all kinds the season of Gardaland Magic Halloween has begun

By | October 19, 2018

And so it began, on Saturday 6th October, the seventeenth edition of Gardaland Magic Halloween, the “most frighteningly fun” event of this autumn, with the Park displaying a totally themed layout, ready to offer its Guests a chilling experience… made of pure amusement!

The opening day saw the presence, among others, of Danilo Santi, General Manager Theme Parks Gardaland, who declared: “We are satisfied with our season so far – registering a 10% increase on the number of Park visitors compared to the same period last year – and today we are kicking off Gardaland Magic Halloween, an event which is now a classic feature of our season. Starting from today and on every weekend until 4th November, with the long weekend of Ognissanti (Halloween), we hope to replicate the success of last season, continuing to involve our Guests in family-friendly horror-based amusement”.

The climax of Gardaland Magic Halloween will be, as usual, the unmissable Halloween Party on 31st October. On the scariest night of the year, from 7 PM to midnight, an entertaining party will make  Guests and monsters alike celebrate under the stars in Valley of Kings square, animated for the occasion by a fantastic DJ set.

The fun days at the Park are kicked-off, as usual, by the Prezzemolo’s Welcome Show who, accompanied by friendly vampires welcomes Guests at the entrance gates, making them part of event from the get-go.  Accompanied by the notes of the unusual “Mostro Band” the Visitors then venture the streets of the Park, decorated with Halloween symbols: from the classic pumpkins to terrifying caskets, from haystacks to gigantic spider webs and a gloomy yet jolly graveyard. Adults and children were caught by surprise thanks to monsters of all kinds: mummies, skeletons, vampires, spiders and bats ready to jump out of nowhere and appear in the middle of the Park’s attractions.

Along with the Welcome Show, scheduled every day at 09.55, there are many Halloween-themed shows which, throughout the days, surprising Guests with live shows and entertainingly chilling performances!

The Teatro della Fantasia (Theatre of Fantasy) hosts, at 10.40, 11.30 and 4.30 PM, a new family-friendly show named “Chi ha paura del buio?” (Who’s afraid of the dark?) which takes full advantage of the “black art” technique: what happens when all lights are switched off? What mysterious creatures are lurking in the shadow? The opening of a magic book will unleash a myriad of horrifying little monsters and fun surprises, including the hilarious mime-clown Pass Pass.

Gardaland Theatre is the home of “Horror Hotel” at 2 and 4 PM, an original Halloween-themed musical sang “live”: the Horror Hotel’s manager will be accompanying spectators in the discovery of the strange guests inhabiting the rooms: from the feared black widow and her daughters to the wacky and improbable chefs… Choreographies, tunes and songs have been tailor made for this brand new live show. At 2.30 PM the Arena Hawaii will be seeing see young spectators coming to the aid of Prezzemolo, Aurora and Ti-Gey to defeat the evil witch Zenda.

Unmissable is the Palatenda spectacle, at 12 and 3 PM, called “5 Elements”, which recently won the Best Indoor Show prize at Parksmania Awards 2018. A new addition of this season’s schedule, “5 Elements” offers a journey across the 5 elements with acrobatics, special effects and video-mapping capable of involving and amazing all Spectators.

And to finish off the day in style Camelot square is the starting point, at 5.40 PM of Halloween Parade, an unsettlingly happy parade of monsters, witches, spectres and skeletons which will be roaming the streets of the Park to arrive, at 6 PM, in Valley of Kings square, where a dazzling final show, Halloween Final Party will be taking place!

During Gardaland Magic Halloween, the Park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, except for the 31st October, when the night will be finishing at midnight.