Gardaland and ProgettoYeah! – The Easy Rider service has arrived: “exclusive” escorting in the Park offered to people with disabilities

By | May 7, 2018

Gardaland, with its 43 years of experience as a point of reference for the amusement of children and adults alike, is introducing a truly unique and exclusive initiative aimed at people with mobility, sensorial and cognitive impairments, to lead them to the discovery of the Park with a personalised itinerary.

In conjunction with ProgettoYeah! Gardaland has created Easy Rider, a service designed specifically to make sure that even people with disabilities can have a fun time. We are speaking, for example, about people with visual limitations, reduced mobility, autism, down syndrome. Easy Rider serves as useful support to the group: accompanying its members inside the Park and helping them to best organise the day.

We are speaking about an absolute novelty for Amusement and Themed Parks; Gardaland is the first Park to offer a personalised, tailor made service to Guests with special needs. Many are the advantages: from a chance to relax and enjoy the day without any worries to the possibility of moving about the Park, effortlessly, choosing the quickest path to reach the most suitable rides. The assigned staff will put together a customised itinerary based on the needs of the group, will guide Guests inside the Park and will accompany them to the entrance of each ride, describing its characteristics before climbing aboard. Outlining how the ride works, explaining how to get on board, how to exit and what the track consists of. The Easy Rider staff can also carry out bookings on behalf of Guests inside the Park’s restaurants: a short break to recharge the batteries and then sprint back to the numerous rides of the Park!

Accessibility is a complex theme that presents new aspects and new needs every day, generated by a simple and justified request by the Guests to enjoy themselves and married with our desire to involve everybody in the fantastic experience of the Park! – this is what Danilo Santi, General Manager Theme Parks Gardaland declared. And after meeting various associations and after listening to their requests he has come up with this wonderful initiative in collaboration with Progetto Yeah!. “We saw to it that access at Gardaland would be as inclusive as possible for all people with disabilities – continued Danilo Santi.

The Easy Rider service is available on the opening days of the Park from April to July and in the month of September; the hours are from 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM and from 2 to 5 PM. Easy Rider is dedicated to groups of at least 4 people up to a maximum of 12 and it must consist of a balanced number of Guests with disabilities and accompaniers. The Easy Rider staff will not replace the accompaniers of people with disabilities, it is to be considered as an added value for groups that must necessarily feature an adequate  number of accompaniers (one for each Guest with disabilities). Accompaniers must also support the Guests in travelling inside the Park whenever needed.

Booking is necessary to take advantage of this service, at least 3 days before the chosen date, by dialling the number 045 6449777. The Easy Rider staff will welcome the group at the Welcome Desk located inside the medieval castle by the entrance: and after the obligatory presentations… it will be time to jump into the fantastic world of fun made in Gardaland!

A contribution of 5.00 € for each member of the group is needed for Easy Rider. Access to Gardaland is free of charge for non-self-sufficient people with disabilities while self-sufficient people with disabilities and accompaniers are entitled to the reduced rate. Payment may be made directly on arrival at the Welcome Desk. Any change and/or cancellation of the booking will need to be made at least 3 days before the date of the visit.