CAVU Designwerks to Provide a “Turn Key” Flying Theatre Attraction to a New Resort in China

By | February 2, 2018

VICTORIA, B.C. — CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU), an attractions provider that specializes in delivering media-based attractions to the theme park industry, is currently working with the Macrolink Group to provide a “turn key” Flying Theatre attraction, “Beautiful Hunan”, in their historical destination resort, The Tongguan Kiln International Cultural and Tourism Center, located in Changsha, China scheduled to open in June 2018.

In recent years, global travel to China has skyrocketed. There has been a significant push amongst Chinese officials to draw more attention to China’s centuries-old historical sites and unique culture. To accomplish this, many Chinese companies are engaging western attraction providers to develop cultural experiences to transform Chinese tradition into exciting themed experiences.

By marrying tradition with technology, Macrolink gives wings to a unique and exhilarating flying experience exploring the natural beauty and historically important cultural locations of Hunan province. From the ancient famous kilns of Tongguan, guests will explore breathtaking views of Hunan in a thrilling adventure soaring over the world famous Wulingyuan (Avatar) mountains, Mt Heng, historic Yueyang Tower, Mao Zedong’s house, modern Changsha City, and the exciting new development at Macrolink’s Modern Tongguan Center.

CAVU, operating as an Integrator, positioned itself as an extension of the client’s team, and shared Macrolink’s efforts to explore the best solutions that balance costs and quality. As a global Integrator, CAVU chose the best experts for every facet, including media, AV equipment, programming and attraction design. The role of an integrator is crucial to the success of a Flying Theatre attraction because the attraction consist of many elements that must work in harmony to create a great guest experience. Poor programming, just like bad media or clunky equipment can ruin the experience.

CAVU has the distinction of being one of very few Integrators in the themed entertainment industry. This unique positioning relies heavily on strong, longstanding relationships and a solid track record of delivering exceptional guests experiences on time and on budget.