KMG, OABA, NAARSO issue statements regarding Ohio State Fair tragedy

By | July 28, 2017

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Statement from Laura Woodburn, NAARSO public relations, for NAARSO

Laura Woodburn, speaking for the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO), said: “Our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved,” in the ride accident at the Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Wednesday, July 26.

OABA issues statement regarding Ohio State Fair portable amusement ride tragedy

Our entire industry is dedicated to the safety of the millions of people worldwide who utilize portable amusement rides. The Fire Ball was being operated by one of the most respected and long established companies in our industry and was designed and manufactured by a leading international maker of amusement rides. This incident took place despite multiple independent inspections of the ride and only a full and complete investigation can identify the issues or issues that led to this tragedy.

Our prayers are with those involved and our commitment as an industry is to identify the cause of this tragedy so that we can continue to provide safe family entertainment at fairs, festivals, and community events.

KMG issues letter to ride operators

On Wednesday July 26th, an accident happened at the Ohio State Fair on a KMG Fireball amusement ride. The ride is also known under the KMG name Afterburner or FRB24. In the accident a passenger carrying gondola detached from the supporting sweep arm. In the accident one person was killed and several other persons were injured.

Our deepest sympathies go out to all who were involved or affected by this tragic accident.

We are currently gathering information on the accident and investigating the cause and circumstances of the accident. Until further details are known, operators of Fireball/Afterburner (FRB24) and Move-it (MVT24/MVT32) type amusement rides are instructed to cease operation of the ride until further notice.

This instruction does not affect the Freak Out (FRB16, all serials), Sicko (SCK24, all serials), XXL (all serials), Revolution (FRB32, all serials) and newer generation Afterburner rides (FRB24, serials 40 and up).