Holiday World receives a brand new diesel engine C.P. Huntington locomotive

By | June 14, 2013

CPH_Train_ChanceSANTA CLAUS, Ind. — In 1946 Santa Claus Land was opened by Louis J. Koch after experiencing first hand his childrens’ disappointment when they discovered that there was no Santa Claus in Santa Claus, Ind. One of the first rides available at that park, later to be named Holiday World, was the Freedom Train. Now, sixty-seven years later Holiday World introduces a new train to the park. Chance Rides, C.P. Huntington #373 will operate in Mother Goose Land as the Holidog Express. This beautiful red, black and chrome train is only the second model manufactured by Chance Rides with a diesel engine.

Chance Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1961 by Harold Chance, when he began making the C.P. Huntington model trains. Today those trains are still manufactured with the skilled hand craftsmanship that founded our company over fifty years ago. We take great pride in the quality of these locomotives and coaches and are honored to become a part of the rich history at Holiday World.

Future Holiday World guests will still be able to catch a glimpse of the original Freedom Train when it is put on display in the park. Chance Rides, Inc. is a family owned business located in Wichita, Kansas. For more information about Chance Rides products, visit