Core Cashless readies new Paydia mobile app for summer release

By | June 20, 2013

CoreCashless_2013LENEXA, Kan. — Core Cashless is a company that founded itself on innovation. Today, Core Cashless Systems are in place at hundreds of locations worldwide; from theme parks to FECs to cruise ships. However, the landscape is changing and the needs of most operators are following suit. Learning from the many experiences we earned along the way, we decided that it was time build something new: the next great cashless system.

Here at Core, we have never seen ‘cashless’ as a means to a few extra dollars; we see it as the window into the future of profitability. To that end, we are proud to announce that Core is working on a whole new line of products that will fundamentally change the possibilities of a cashless system. We have branded this next generation of cashless as Paydia. In time, Paydia will offer everything that Core’s Total Park Solution (TPS) has and more. We have taken the best parts of the Core TPS (Kiosks, Readers, Point of Sale and Websales) and aim to improve them all. Furthermore, we are looking to address new technologies that will give our customers added value, such as social media integration and instant mobile discounts.

The first Paydia product that will be released is the Paydia Mobile Payment app. This app was first demonstrated at the IAAPA Amusement Expo 2012 and received resounding buzz. “We wanted to take that opportunity to introduce people to the types of things we were trying as a company and then get their feedback as to what they liked, what was missing, etc.,” says Core Marketing Director Patrick Frickleton, “We were able to then take what we had done and hone it into the release we are putting out this summer. We are absolutely building the Paydia product with our current Core customers in mind. They will ultimately get the first opportunity to use this technology.”

Once the app is released this summer, Core will continue work on the entire line of new Paydia products with the goal of demonstrating them in full at this year’s IAAPA Amusement Expo. “We have achieved so much in the last year,” says Frickleton. “We have bolstered our current product and have begun to build the product of the future. It will be really cool to see this come full circle at IAAPA 2013.”