Fiesta Texas premieres Iron Rattler

By | May 20, 2013

Tim Baldwin — Amusement Today

Tim Baldwin — Amusement Today

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Although not yet open to the general public, Six Flags Fiesta Texas debuted the new Iron Rattler roller coaster to the media and members of American Coaster Enthusiasts on Wednesday, May 15. Radio station promotion winners, top bidders in the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives and other charity fundraising events along with local dignitaries also got a chance to ride during a VIP event on Saturday, May 18.

Iron Rattler is the second Six Flags wood coaster to undergo a transformation into a completely re-imagined steel-track sleek machine. Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), aided by Alan Schilke of Ride Centerline, transformed the original 20-year-old Rattler into a completely new experience with the new Iron Rattler.

Fiesta Texas has much to boast about with its new coaster — a 180-foot-tall lift hill leads to 171-foot drop all the way to the quarry floor. Four overbanked turns, an innovative uphill barrel-roll inversion and dramatic dives from the top of the cliff walls make for an amazingly smooth, but incredibly wild roller coaster experience that is leaving riders breathless.

Look for complete coverage of Iron Rattler in the June issue of Amusement Today.

Park Patrons will have a chance to experience Iron Rattler this coming weekend when the coaster opens to the public on May 25. The park will be open daily through August 25.

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