Zero-G barrel roll complete at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

By | February 15, 2013

San Antonio — Six Flags Fiesta Texas today announced on February 13, the completion of Iron Rattler’s thrilling Zero-G Barrel Roll that flips riders completely upside down. This amazing new ride element is the first of its’ kind to be featured on a hybrid coaster!

“It’s so exciting to actually see such an iconic feature as the Zero-G Barrel Roll completed,” said Park President Martin Bozer. “It will be an unbelievable thrill when riders are able to experience zero gravity during such a high-speed, twisting inversion.”

Iron Rattler is a unique technological marvel combining a classic wooden support structure with a modern steel track, allowing for an unprecedented ultra-smooth ride experience. Construction is currently underway for the new Iron Rattler hybrid wood and steel roller coaster as technicians are working on additional signature components to bring the massive Iron Rattler to life. The next exhilarating Iron Rattler element under construction is the thrilling drop over the quarry cliff into the tunnel!

In addition to the thrilling Zero-G Barrel Roll of the Iron Rattler, additional epic features include:

  • A massive 180-foot lift hill
  • Thrilling 81 degree drop, almost straight down
  • A blazing top speed of 70 mph
  • Four over-banked turns—more than any other hybrid coaster
  • Camelback Airtime Hills
  • An awe-inspiring free fall into the quarry tunnel