IALDA re-elects officers

By | January 15, 2013

The International Amusement and Leisure Defense Association re-elected its officers for 2013 at its annual meeting at IAAPA this past November. IALDA is a non-profit association whose mission is to serve and defend the amusement and leisure industry. It consists not only of attorneys but other persons involved in managing risks for members of the amusement and leisure industry. IALDA currently has approximately 50 members in 27 states.

Bryan Pope

Dallas attorney Bryan Pope was re-elected as president of the organization. Mr. Pope has been defending the amusement industry for over 25 years. Denver attorney, John Grund, was re-elected as vice president, however, Mr. Grund unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Eve. A successor to his position has not been named. Gaylee Gillim, a Louisville, Kentucky attorney will remain as secretary and Dave Bennett, a Chicago barrister will continue as treasurer of the organization.

A key component of IALDA’s mission is to provide educational programs to the amusement and leisure industry. To that end, IALDA has put on numerous symposiums, seminars and other presentations at key association meetings, including presentations for IAAPA, the World Waterpark Association, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, the Roller Skating Association, the Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers seminar and many other industry forums. Members of IALDA have recently participated in webinars and made presentations on safety issues, social networking issues and crisis management. For example, in January at AIMS in Orlando, Massachusetts Attorney Dave Daly, Michigan attorney Kurt Anselmi and Florida attorney James Wilkinson conducted two legal roundtables with one being specific to the aquatics industry. IALDA also hosts the lAPPA Legal Roundtable each year.

Members of IALDA are currently involved in keeping their clients abreast of the changes required by the amended American with Disabilities Act laws, employment issues, cases on patron responsibility
(including the assumption of inherent risks in attending an amusement facility) and many other cutting-edge industry issues.

IALDA was initially formed in 1994. The founding members included California attorneys Michael
Amaro and Boyd Jensen, II, Kurt Anselmi, Lary Zucker from New Jersey, Tom Sheehan, of Indiana and Wayne Pierce from Maryland. Additionally, Pat Hoffman, who at the time was with K & K Insurance and is now with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, was a founding member of IALDA.

Other current Board Members include Joseph Brownlee of Arizona, Sean Hannon of Pennsylvania, Joe
Hassinger from Louisiana and David Daly.

A number of IALDA’s members serve the industry through other organizations. For example, Boyd
Jensen II and Tom Sheehan serve on the IAAPA Safety Committee and Lary Zucker serves on the
IAAPA Government Relations Committee. Gaylee Gilllim is on the Board of the WWA. Numerous
IALDA members serve on ASTM committees.

Additional information can be found on the organization’s website IALDA.org. If you are looking for an IALDA member in your jurisdiction, the organization’s website can be searched by state.

If you are interested in becoming a member of IALDA you may obtain a copy of an application from the website or, alternatively, contact the Chairman of IALDA’s Membership Committee, Dave Daly at 781-237-0600 or djd@dalylaw.com.