Hydro Adventures launches safe swimmer promise for National Water Safety Month

By | May 2, 2019

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. —Poplar Putters Mini Golf and Tailpipe Alley Go-Karts at Hydro Adventures open this weekend for the 2019 season, and as Hydro Adventures is preparing the waterpark to open on May 18, General Manager Barrett Byers announces the launch of the Safe Swimmer Promise and shares six water safety tips in conjunction with May’s National Water Safety Month.

Drowning is the leading cause injury death for children ages 1 to 4 years of age, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the second-leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 14.

“Hydro Adventures encourages safe swimming practices for guests of all ages,” explains Byers. “We’ve developed a few simple rules for children to follow with the Safe Swimmers Promise, a certificate that they can sign and take home from Hydro Adventures during National Water Safety Month.”

The Safe Swimmer Promise certificate is available at the Hydro Adventures’ ticket counter throughout the month of May. Parents are encouraged to enter our Free Ticket Giveaway by taking a photo of their child with the signed certificate, post it on social media, tag Hydro Adventures and include the hashtag #WaterSafetyMonth to be entered to win four water park daily passes. More information about the water safety pledge can be found online: HydroAdventures.com/specials-events.

Hydro Adventures Shares Water Safety Tips for Water Safety Month

“Drowning can occur in as little as one inch of water,” continues Byers. “And with safety being our number one guest concern, we’ve further developed important water safety tips that will help families stay safe while having fun this summer.”

  1. Maintain Equipment —Parents should have sturdy barriers in place that block young children from accessing pools or spas. Decking, siding, fencing, stairs, ladders, and other equipment surrounding pools should be free of damage or fixed promptly to prevent accidents. Safety is Hydro Adventures’ number one priority and ensures all equipment is safe for the season by checking for conducting pre-opening inspections and making repairs before the park opens to the public.
  2. Learn to Swim —Research shows that children’s drowning risk is reduced if they learn to swim by four years old. Parents should sign themselves and their children up for swim lessons if they do not know how to swim.
  3. Never Swim Alone —Each person should always bring at least one other skilled swimmer with them to swim. Parents should always watch their children as well, even if there is another child or lifeguard present. A good precaution is to teach children to ask for permission before going near the water.
  4. Don’t Swim Near Drains —Parents should warn children of the danger of swimming near drains, as well as suction fittings and filters. Drain covers should be VGB Act compliant and checked frequently for damage. All drains at Hydro Adventures are VGB Act compliant and are checked during routine maintenance.
  5. Wear a Life Vest —Inexperienced swimmers should always wear a life vest, but never rely on the vest if they do not know how to swim. Hydro Adventures offers life vests free of charge and encourages guests to use them.
  6. Learn CPR —Accidents can happen at any time, and it is important for someone around to know how to administer CPR correctly. All lifeguards at Hydro Adventures are CPR certified and are ready to respond all season if the need arises.

“Our hope is that sharing these tips will help each child and parent be more aware and informed before entering the water this summer. It’s important to have fun, but even more important that we have fun safely – whether that’s in your backyard pool, the river, or here at Hydro Adventures,” said Byers.

Hydro Adventures Fun Park is currently open Friday through Sunday, and the Water Park will open on May 18. Season Passes are on sale now starting at $54.99 and will include free admission to events like the Children’s Festival June 8-9 and  Summer Jam live concerts on July 13. A full schedule and pricing are available at HydroAdventures.com.