Safety is everyone’s job

AT: Patty Beazley, International Ride Training

As I sit down to write, we are winding down the 2022 season. A year of travel, safety seminars, new clients, training, and auditing. It’s been quite the year. Many colleagues ask how and even why we keep such a hectic schedule. As hectic as it may be, the answer is simple – passion for our amusement industry. The love of teaching individuals how to safely operate rides for our guests on a daily basis. The theory is simple, if you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.


The mechanics of a ride are one concern, but when the public is added into the mix the entire process is elevated. We want to keep every rider safe. That’s our job. It’s more than a part time or summer job for those of us who have chosen a career in this industry. It’s the motivation that keeps us going to ensure that all riders have the best possible time on any attraction and that it is done safely. Just like in football, the offensive line protects the quarterback. We want to protect families from any issues that may arise. Regarding safety, we always tell operators to treat the riders as if was one of your family members. Our guests visit our facilities to enjoy themselves. Safety is our concern as riders trust us with their loved ones. My personal commitment is to teach a young operator from my own expertise of experience (and many errors!) and give them the tools to be stellar in their role.

So now, I will go back to planning for 2023 safety seminars for January and February, training and scheduling audits because I’m part of a team of the amusement industry who are passionate and motivated for our ride operators to be their best! And remember, safety is everyone’s job!

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