Speed Chaser: The roller coaster that can do everything and with less space

By | September 12, 2023

Thrill or family – the question that so often stands at the beginning of roller coaster planning has been answered: Maurer Rides presents the Speed Chaser. Passengers determine their own speed, 8-seater and 2-seater racers can be used alternatively or simultaneously on the track, plus tilting seats, boosters, gaming, shooting, light gates … the Speed Chaser can do a lot in a small area if required.

The Speed Chaser layout is fresh from the think tank of Maurer Rides in Munich. The biggest wow effect: The layout can accommodate two different vehicle types. Racer as a two-seater or Train for up to eight passengers, and not alternatively, but also simultaneously. This opens up new flexibility for operators: they can use different vehicles depending on visitor frequency or give passengers the choice: Everyone loves options!

Experiences packed close
Whatever Spike vehicle chosen; the Speed Chaser is characterized by a high level of know-how. There is no boring technology here, because the basis of the Speed Chaser is the spike drive, which has been tried and tested hundreds of times, but is still unrivalled. The formula is “on the move at all times” and it means that any ride figure is possible at any point. The drive can be engaged anywhere on the track with acceleration and braking. Maurer Rides has conjured up a very compact layout on a small footprint (60m x 50m) from these possibilities – and at the same time opens up the space for maximum planning freedom: whether thrill coaster with spectacular loops and boosts or “just” family coaster without inversions.

Gaming on Board
The icing on the cake of the Speed Chaser are the interactive features: get in and step on the gas – or would you rather enjoy it gently? Either way, the passenger controls the speed. A throttle and boost button provides additional thrust, bright brake lights alert, and the engine sound is speed-dependent and freely configurable.

Unrivalled high-tech vehicle
Gone are the days of the passive co-pilot. The co-pilot activates the track light gates, with the integrated targets on top, and with the shoot button it’s time to collect points. The onboard video system (with touchscreen display, of course) can generate additional income for the park. More equipment can hardly be squeezed into a vehicle.

Tilt and fly
Not digital, but immediately noticeable, is the 45° tilt function of the Speed Chaser seats. They can be triggered anywhere on the track (by the passenger or program- controlled) and when they tilt backwards, e.g., at the camelback, they catapult you visually into the sky and you fall into weightlessness.

“Weightless in the sky” …
.. that’s how the Speed Chaser feels with its many possibilities and countless combinations. Not only for passengers, but also for operators. The question is no longer: What works? But rather: How would you like your next roller coaster to be? Thanks to the spike drive, roller coaster planning has become a concert of wishes for operators.