Glossy Finish, an award-winning youth sports photography company, knocks it out of the park with DNP IAM printing solutions

By | March 15, 2023

CONCORD, N.C. — For every home run, touchdown and goal, there’s a child with a proud parent who wants to remember that moment forever. Fortunately for them, Glossy Finish is standing by, ready to help.

Glossy Finish was established in 2006 by founder and CEO Haim Ariav with a mission to print on-site for instant gratification. For the past 17 years, Glossy Finish has delivered on that promise by capturing the team spirit and camaraderie of youth sports tournaments at the state, regional and national level by delivering printed images straight into the hands of proud parents.

Equipped with over 20 DNP Imagingcomm America (DNP IAM) award-winning dye-sublimation printers, Glossy Finish is able to print on site at tournaments, offering a range of options for every customer. Glossy Finish utilizes the DNP IAM DS620A and DS820A for panoramic team photos, individual player portraits and an all-new multi-print option featuring seven unique images of the player.

“When we were first introduced to DNP printers, we instantly knew they were a fit. We love the size, durability, ease of use and consistency in color, so we bought a bunch of them,” said Ariav. “When we started offering panoramic prints and the DS820A came out, it was like a lightbulb went off. We could really move and sell our products, and now one of the highest selling products we offer is our 8×24 panoramic print. It’s going gangbusters for us!”

When sports tournaments went on a brief hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, Ariav and his business partner and CTO Matt Winer doubled down on their technology, ensuring they could come back better than before in 2021 and 2022. Now that youth sports are back up and running, Glossy Finish is seeing astronomical growth and business success. Throughout the 12-week 2022  summer season, Glossy Finish sold over 22,000 units of their striking panoramic prints.

DNP’s printing solutions employ cutting-edge dye-sublimation technology and high-quality media to deliver the best possible image quality. The durability, consistency and size of DNP printers allow Glossy Finish to easily travel from tournament to tournament, ensuring every player has their chance to shine. Once the high-quality prints are in parents’ hands, they can rest easy knowing their keepsake images won’t smudge, fade or leak.

“Customers love that they can leave an event with a large print. It offers them a physical reminder of their child doing what they love in a way that can be proudly displayed for everyone to see,” said Ariav. “We are big fans of the DNP products and look forward to using them for a long time.”