Even more Hollywood entertainment and blockbuster feeling: Movie Park expands its film park identity in the 2023 season

By | March 15, 2023

BOTTROP-KIRCHHELLEN — There is no business like show business! This is why the Movie Park Studios are rolling out the red carpet for even more entertainment and blockbuster atmosphere in the 2023 season! With the new stunt show “Operation Red Carpet” Germany’s largest movie and theme park will bring Hollywood action even closer and transport visitors at studio 6 directly to Los Angeles. The curtain also rises again at studio 7 this summer: After last year’s huge success, renowned illusionist Christian Farla returns for another big magic show. A particularly scary birthday party is also on the production schedule in the fall: Movie Park Germany celebrates an important milestone with the 25th anniversary of the Halloween Horror Festival and brings the Horrorwood Studios back to life with new surprises.

“And action!” is not only the motto in the attractions and shows, but also on the streets of the park: with clapperboard “S.A.M.” Movie Park presents a new walking character, which will be further established as a figure of the Movie Park Studios. Movie Park Germany opens its gates again on March 24, 2023.

“We want to put even more emphasis on our identity as Hollywood in Germany. This is why we are specifically focusing on entertainment and events that further highlight Movie Park as a film park,” says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. “We are also continuing to pursue our quality strategy this season and are addressing the needs of our guests to create an even more family-friendly overall experience.”

With the new stunt show “Operation Red Carpet” Movie Park lays another foundation stone for the Hollywood and movie theme. At the spectacular show, guests can look forward not only to a new set, but also to a new storyline set directly in Los Angeles: Not only will the stars of the movie scene be honored at the “Golden S.A.M.” awards ceremony, but fast-paced chase scenes on the red carpet are also part of the script. With authentically American backdrops, Germany’s largest quarter pipe, spectacular car and biker stunts, around 25 large and small special effects, a large LED wall and matching media content, as well as a new soundtrack, an action experience for the whole family is created. The iconic clapperboard S.A.M., which gives its name to the new stunt show and is already known to guests from the “Movie Park Studio Tour” or from Halloween, will furthermore not only make an appearance as a golden trophy in the stunt show…

The Movie Park Studios are welcoming a new member on set! Starting this season, parents, kids and theme park fans can meet S.A.M. as a walking character in the park, who will be available for meet & greets. Several times throughout the day, S.A.M. will be waiting near the “Movie Park Studio Tour”, the new “Operation Red Carpet” stunt show and on Hollywood Boulevard for visitors to snap a photo with him. S.A.M. will also continue to present himself as a Movie Park Studios character in the park’s future projects, playing a starring role alongside Hollywood look-alikes like Marilyn Monroe.

Last season, Movie Park brought magic back to studio 7 with the big magic show “Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Mystery”. In the 2023 season, the award-winning illusionist Christian Farla will return for eight weeks and, starting on June 22, once again slip into the role of the world’s most famous detective, whom guests know from TV and literature. With a revised storyline and some new illusions, he will once again captivate visitors with his team and the Show Girls of Magic.

The “Old West” themed area of Movie Park will also receive a small thematic update in 2023: The “MP Xpress” suspended looping coaster will be transformed into “Iron Claw”. With the redesign, Movie Park Germany wants to further unite the Western area and once again the Movie Park Studios as the park’s headliner, both thematically and visually. For example, there will be new Italo-Western music composed by IMAscore. Work is expected to be completed later this spring.

As part of the quality strategy, visitors’ needs were also tackled during the winter break, inter alia the wish for more shaded areas. From the 2023 season, more than 30 plane trees will be located in particularly frequented areas. Among other things, Movie Park is relying on natural shading in the waiting areas of “Backyardigans: Mission To Mars” and “Splat-O-Sphere” as well as in front of the “Snacks & Drinks” restaurant in Nickland and on Federation Plaza between the photo point and shop. For the waiting areas of “Zuma’s Zoomers”, “Ghost Chasers” and “Crazy Surfer”, a shading concept was also implemented to protect guests from the sun’s rays. Movie Park is also investing in more sun umbrellas and seating.

During the winter break, two sanitary facilities were also completely renovated, redesigned, and thematically adapted to the respective themed areas. The facilities behind Hollywood Boulevard and in front of the Van Helsing’s Club received new tiles, a fresh coat of paint and a completely new sanitary installation. To save on-set resources, the redesigned restrooms will also feature waterless urinals. There are also plans to successively renovate other facilities in the park in the future.

The topics of energy efficiency and sustainability continue to play a role at Hollywood in Germany. Among other things, completely new lighting technology has already been installed in the Van Helsing’s Club and in the Warsteiner Saloon, and the old theater spotlights have been replaced with a new, more economical LED version. This saves Movie Park over 94% energy compared to the previous infrastructure.

In the catering area, Movie Park Germany continues to focus on even more sustainability. Thus, Hollywood in Germany will also fully eliminate single-use cups in the future and provide reusable deposit cups instead.

It is not only in the sustainability segment that new ideas are implemented. Shopping for all VIPs and guests is also playing a leading role: The former “Red Carpet Store” will be transformed into an original American Toy Store and renamed “The Toymaker”. The interior, which is based on an old fairground carousel, and oversized toy figures will await visitors. This new store is aimed specifically at Movie Park’s younger guests. For all big and small movie fans, the former “Camelot Store” is also transformed into a magical place for sorcerer’s apprentices and from now on bears the name “Witches and Wizards”.

Even digital blockbusters need a sequel: This is why the digital signage and park maps project, already announced for 2022, is now making its way into the Movie Park Studios and will help guests better plan their time on the Hollywood set. Current waiting times will be displayed at twelve selected rides. In addition, a total of seven 55″ LCD displays will be positioned in the park to provide guests with helpful information during their visit to the park.

Dogs will soon be able to scent Hollywood air again: The Doghouse at Movie Park is celebrating its comeback! In the 2023 season, the park will once again offer a service for all guests who want to accommodate their dog directly on site during their stay at the park. For this purpose, Movie Park Germany has teamed up with the renowned brand “DOGSTYLER”. The newly designed Doghouse will be equipped with 20 DOGSTYLER dog beds in the series “Series 55” and “Luxury Cappuccino”. The first 100 guests will receive a welcome gift in the form of DOGSTYLER goodie bags. The Soest-based company is a specialist manufacturer and franchiser of customized dog accessories and counts dog beds, dog transport systems from its own manufacture as well as leashes, harnesses, and collars among its product range. There are now 17 stores in Germany and Austria. A series of movie-like events is also on this year’s shooting schedule in Hollywood in Germany. It all starts on April 1 with a signing session of the voice actors of SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star and Mr. Krabs in the Nick Shop, where fans of the Nickelodeon series can meet the popular voices live. Completely new this year is the Camera Day, for which all movie and theme park fans can apply in advance and exclusively take full advantage of Movie Park’s backdrops on a closing day for photo and video shoots. The Cheerleading Championships will again provide plenty of action over the Whitsun weekend, as will the Cosplay Day and the US Car Show, bringing cinematic US entertainment directly to the park.

A highlight at the end is the fall season: Movie Park lets 2023 end with a big birthday party! The Halloween Horror Festival is turning 25 years old this season. In keeping with the big anniversary, a total of 25 event days are planned between September 30 and November 12, 2023. Even though the project team is not yet revealing any big secrets and is silent as the grave, at least one thing is certain: Behind the scenes, the creative team is already working on numerous, hair-raising novelties and updates to the popular event.

“25 years of Halloween Horror Festival – this is an important milestone for us and one we are very proud of,” says Halloween Project Manager Manuel Prossotowicz. “Over the past years, we have managed to continuously develop and grow the Halloween event. Of course, we have come up with some new ideas for our guests on this special birthday. The Horrorwood Studios can already place one cliffhanger: Halloween fans can look forward to at least one new, large horror maze for the big anniversary.”

By popular demand, Movie Park Germany is also adjusting its opening hours on the Sundays of the event days: On Sundays, the Halloween event will be held from 5 to 9 pm. On all other event days, Halloween will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. as usual.