New live stunt show “Operation Red Carpet” brings Hollywood even closer to Germany

By | February 27, 2023

BOTTROP-KIRCHHELLEN — Spotlights and Hollywood stars, a golden award and a criminal case on the red carpet including a fast-paced chase – this is the script of the new stunt show at Movie Park Germany! In addition to more details about the storyline, Germany’s largest movie and theme park now also announces the title of the new action blockbuster: It will be called “Operation Red Carpet” and will be set at a glamorous awards show taking place in Los Angeles. With elaborately designed, authentically American set elements and backdrops, spectacular stunt performances and an entertaining storyline, the new show brings Hollywood even closer to Germany and directly to Studio 6 at the Movie Park Studios!

“Action like in Hollywood will be within reach for guests with the new stunt show,” says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. “They become part of the events surrounding a Hollywood awards show. Starting in the waiting area, which is supposed to represent the backstage area of the production crew, guests will be live on-site during the show preparations and the big award ceremony. It has also been particularly important to us that the stunt show is suitable for the whole family and appeals to several generations. Our goal: Bringing Hollywood in Germany back to its former glory.”

The plot focuses on the preparations and the big awards show of the “Golden S.A.M.”, which is given to particularly talented action movie stars. At the same time, the red carpet of the Movie Park Studios becomes a racetrack and the Folco Stunt Team from Italy, in their roles as show host, FBI agents, criminals or action heroes, drifts again at full speed over the asphalt of the stunt set, over ramps and Germany’s largest quarter pipe to date.

The “Golden S.A.M.” award ceremony – a red carpet event turns into a fast-paced chase
When the red carpet is rolled out, the music plays and the celebrities pull up in their limousines in front of the glorious theater at the Movie Park Studios, the time has finally come: the “Golden S.A.M.” awards ceremony is about to take place, bringing together all the big names in the movie industry. It is also supposed to be the big day of Angelina Croft and James McDean. After six nominations in previous years and numerous box- office hits, the two Hollywood superstars will finally be honored at the award ceremony for the best duo in an action film. A long-cherished dream comes true for both of them. But not all that glistens as brightly as the prestigious trophies is gold: In the midst of the action, the award ceremony brings an unexpected twist to the plot. Out of nowhere, the long-sought “Award Gang” appears and manages to steal the popular trophies and prize money with their criminal tricks. The criminals take flight in a rush. Suddenly, not only the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI are tracking down the gang: Croft and McDean also have to prove their true action hero potential in the hunt for the stolen “Golden S.A.M.s”. Here, it is illustrated once again how a strong female protagonist cannot only influence the outcome of a story in a movie, but also in reality…

“Operation Red Carpet” brings the park’s Hollywood identity further to the fore. The figure of the talking clapperboard S.A.M., who visitors already know from the “Movie Park Studio Tour” or from the Halloween Mapping Show, is once again part of the action and gives its name to the glorious trophy. In the future, S.A.M. will continue to be established as a character and the Movie Park Studios as a brand and common thread that will run through all future novelties in the park.

For the scenery and backdrops of the new stunt set, Movie Park Germany focuses on an authentic design: The various building facades on the set include the theater of the award show, a classic American diner, a boutique, a colorful souvenir store and a limousine service. “We specifically took inspiration from the look of the buildings in Los Angeles so that we could guarantee our guests the highest level of authenticity and really transport them straight to Hollywood,” says Project Manager Manuel Prossotowicz. “The Hollywood Pacific Theater or the Walk of Fame, among others, served as models here.”

Movie Park’s show technicians are also already working at full speed behind the scenes on more than 25 large and small special effects for the new show to create real blockbuster atmosphere. In addition, there are new stunts and show elements. With dimensions of 12 x 6 meters, Movie Park is setting a new record for Germany’s largest quarter pipe to date, which is being built by real professionals. The company Schneestern GmbH & Co. KG from Durach already realized ramps for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and is now responsible for spectacular and at the same time safe constructions for the new stunt show. Another new feature is the large LED wall above the theater, which is easily visible from all seats. “This LED wall allows us to tell a new dimension of the story. Even if the protagonists disappear behind the scenes in between, we can tell the storyline even more extensively using media content. In this way, we are able to create a more immersive show experience and the audience can follow all the storylines – or even be included themselves.” Media production does not just include content for the show. Also before the show, guests get to see entertaining clips on the LED screen referring to the attractions and offers at Movie Park, which are specially produced by IMAmotion and inspired by American commercials. “There can be no movie production for a movie park without professional actors and voice actors with the appropriate experience. The show will be a multimedia experience that goes beyond the actual stunt performance,” explains IMAmotion’s Xaver Willebrand, who is responsible for coordinating the upcoming filming, among other things.

As much as the new action blockbuster is rooted in the culture of the West Coast of the US, especially Hollywood, the music also represents California’s sound diversity. Strong pop-punk, alternative and rap influences from many well-known artists will be found in the soundtrack created by IMAscore, resulting in a unique sampler written especially for the show.

Even though some details about the new stunt show are already known, there are still some more secrets behind the scenes. Movie Park Studios will keep its guests up to date in the coming weeks.