World’s best surfers and aerial specialists test Wavegarden’s new waves

By | October 27, 2022

Our engineers have been extremely busy over the past few weeks programming new air and barrel waves at Wavegarden facilities across the globe: Wave Park (South Korea), URBNSURF (Australia), Alaia Bay (Switzerland), and Praia da Grama (Brazil). This work was carried out with the expert assistance of top pro surfers Yago Dora, Luke Swanson, Reef Heazlewood, Leo Fioravanti, Victor Bernardo and Dion Agius.

It’s not every day that some of the world’s best surfers across four continents can test our new waves and help expand our wave menu. Wavegarden offers the highest number of waves per hour and the maximum capacity of users, and these new additional waves cement our position as market leader in artificial waves. 

In this latest upgrade, we have perfected 4 new airs waves and several barrel waves. The new air waves are ideal for straight airs, rotations, flips and alley-oops. A softer wave with less pop (force) has also been created for training purposes. Our new innovative software program has allowed us to create these waves by altering their power, steepness, and angle.