Zamperla spinning coasters thrill on both sides of the Atlantic

By | July 28, 2022

Zamperla put a new spin on fun this year! Several of its trademark spinning coasters opened at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Tusenfryd. Six Flags opened a classic Zamperla Twister Coaster while Tusenfryd purchased the largest Compact Spinning Coaster model to-date.

“As the world leader in thrills, Six Flags continues to raise the bar to deliver the most unique and innovative experiences in the industry. Sidewinder Safari is unlike any other ride in Northern California, featuring the thrill of a unique, spinning roller coaster combined with an opportunity to encounter reptiles up-close, which continues Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s long legacy of promoting animal conservation through education,” said Six Flags Discovery Kingdom General Manager Dameon Nelson.

According to Tusenfryd CEO Bjørn Håvard Solli the Compact Spinning Coaster was part of a multi-year investment plan to grow and “future proof” the park’s business. For 2022, the park invested over five million euro, with the Zamperla coaster being one of the centerpiece attractions. With a 90 cm (36 in) height requirement the coaster rounds out the park’s wonderful collection of family coasters and truly offers a broad appeal ride multiple generations can enjoy together.

Marco Mazzucchi, Zamperla Sales Manager, said, “Working with the Parques Reunidos and Tusenfryd teams allowed us to partner and develop a world-class family coaster that features a detailed custom theme. It was an honor for them to choose us to work with during the first phase of their investment.”

The Zamperla team is also excited to share the accessibility options for our ride vehicles. “The Six Flags installation features a unique harness that allows a wide range of guests to ride. We are utilizing an ADA system developed for thrill rides like the Discovery on some of our coasters. We strive to make our attractions accessible to as many riders as possible,” said Adam Sandy, Zamperla’s Roller Coaster Sales & Marketing Director.