Mighty Coconut reveals release date, details, first look at “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” virtual reality course

By | July 8, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas — Mighty Coconut—the entertainment studio behind the best-rated multiplayer game on the Meta Quest: Walkabout Mini Golf—in partnership with the Jim Henson Company, will launch the expansive “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” course on Thursday, July 28. Set in the world of Jim Henson’s 1986 classic fantasy film LABYRINTH, the 18-hole easy course and 18-hole hard course will not only feature the family-friendly gameplay with realistic physics the game is known for… it will also feature animated creatures from the story, nine Labyrinth-themed avatar features allowing players to dress up as key characters and even select creatures, a new original soundtrack, and an expansion of the multiplayer capabilities from five simultaneous players in a game to as many as eight. The course is an add-on DLC to the base game priced at just $2.99 USD.

“Later this month, we’ll be inviting Labyrinth fans to meet in this fantastical world and play. We are so pleased to celebrate the forthcoming opening of ‘Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth’—a transportive and immersive virtual reality course designed to bring to life the magical world Jim Henson and his team of artists created,” said Melissa Segal, head of Consumer Products for The Jim Henson Company. “The course was crafted by Mighty Coconut, who are true fans of Labyrinth, and the work of Brian Froud. And it captures the feeling of the film, allowing you to not only inhabit the Labyrinth—and play some really fun mini golf—but also to meet up with people you know.”

“Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” is designed to be vivid, challenging, character-filled, and richly realized course for players where they can escape, explore, and play solo or rendezvous with up to seven other players—complete with iconic LABYRINTH creatures including Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, scenes, props, and obstacles. The course also features 18 themed lost golf balls to collect and a “fox hunt” scavenger expedition as well as expansive mazes and gardens to explore. This is the largest and most complex Walkabout Mini Golf course to date.

“What we’ve been able to create with The Jim Henson Company not only stays true to the original LABYRINTH, they’ve allowed us to show parts you’ve never seen and have inspired us to push the limits of the technology to create something bigger and more diverse than we’ve ever attempted,” said Lucas Martell, executive producer and head of Mighty Coconut. 

Planned celebrations include:

  • 24 hour Labyrinth watch-party
  • Labyrinth costume contest, themed cocktail and mocktail recipes, free digital swag
  • Sweepstakes to win a place on stage at Comicpalooza for a first play-through
  • Global charity in-game tournament benefiting the Center for Puppetry Arts
  • Livestreams with surprise guests from the Labyrinth, Jim Henson Company, et al. 

Mighty Coconut is an independent studio based in Austin, Texas and has quickly risen in the virtual reality ecosystem, with Walkabout Mini Golf now the top-rated multiplayer game on the Meta Quest platform, the 3rd best-rated title on that platform altogether, the 2nd best-rated on Steam VR, and a gamer favorite. 

Enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players of all ages in over 40 countries, Walkabout Mini Golf has received critical and player praise for its lush environments, true-to-life physics, and curated social experience with a self-paced, intergenerational appeal to advanced and novice players alike. The New York Times called Walkabout Mini Golf “an adorable mini-golf game that is unexpectedly convincing” and the Washington Posts review heralded the title as “A magnificent collection of challenging holes set in fantasy locations”. A Wall Street Journal feature postulated that the game might be “the future of socializing at work.”

Notably, the game has earned a nearly perfect five-star rating with over 7,500 reviews on Meta Quest—the marketplace leader—and player engagement boasts a 2-Hour Usage Rate for more than 50% of users (around 10 times the standard), meaning they play Walkabout Mini Golf until their battery runs out. The Meta Quest 2 has been named one of “Oprah’s 2021 Favorite Things” and Meta has just passed the 10 million headsets sold benchmark, according to Qualcomm as of November 16, 2021.