CMMS provider Mobaro finalizes competency module: Easily grant staff access to procedures based on certifications

By | March 2, 2022

With the completion of a new feature pack, yet another milestone has been reached for the team at Mobaro. Looking back 5 months, the software company launched their competency module Competency Management. However, with the new addition of the training and certification features, there is good reason for visitor attractions to pay close attention.

Anyone would agree, it can take a lot of effort to keep track of the many kinds of certifications required for undertaking often hazardous procedures in an attraction. One thing is to make sure an employee has the needed training; another is to follow up on renewing their certifications.

First Aid, Ride Maintenance, Ride Operations, Lifeguard Training, Forklift Certification, the list goes on as far as the eye can see. That’s why Mobaro has zoomed in on developing a strong hub for the training and certifications of attraction staff.

With the latest features in place, you can now create and publish training content in the form of surveys that gets sent to the employees through the Mobaro mobile app. With this in place, managers and staff can easily take care of certifications and all data and results will get picked up in Mobaro and can be used to e.g., add permissions for inspections and other tasks.

  • We have been focused largely on enabling users to do their job more efficiently and with a higher quality. However, we have not touched upon handling their qualifications. Until now that is. Having all certifications in one place gives a unique overview and assurance that your staff are fully equipped. And with the ability to demand certain competencies for certain procedures, you know that your staff will only be permitted to perform jobs in Mobaro that they are trained for, says Christoffer Borup, COO & Co-founder of Mobaro.

It is all coming together
Like all other features of Mobaro, the new release comes with strong ties to the existing functionality of the system. This means that Competency Management is tightly integrated with core CMMS features like checklists, schedules, compliance, and the new ride operations module, RideOps.

  • Now, as a Maintenance engineer you will not be able to open the checklist for inspecting e.g., a drop tower unless you hold a valid Working at Height certification in the system. The same goes for a ride operator about to open a ride. No training. No operating, says Christoffer Borup and continues:
  • Our mission is to provide a CMMS environment for our clients where alle the essential tools are integrated with each other. That is one of our most important strengths. The other is that we know the industry very well. Therefore, we always remind attractions that they have two options when picking their software partner: Leave your operations at the command of a generic software company that builds solutions for many industries? Or team up with an industry provider who uses decades of competency to mould a bespoke solution that keeps adjusting to your needs. I know I would steer clear of that first one, he says.

Currently serving more than 150 visitor attractions worldwide, Mobaro is working on another major module. A solution for managing assets like spare parts and inventory will be presented later this year.