Maurer Rides Spinning Coaster 3000 – the world’s fastest single-car spinning roller coaster opens in the Lionsgate Zone

By | January 27, 2022

Based on the mind-bending heist thriller Now You See Me, guests will get to experience the film’s masterful misdirection in real-time through a series of optical illusions and immersive storytelling. Riders on the MAURER Rides coaster will reach speeds of up to 70km per hour as they race to escape security and expose the antics of a criminal mastermind during an intense coaster experience.

The four-seater quickly pulls up and out into the open, into a right-hand bend, with a smooth spinning effect and a panoramic view. Riders are then taken down a steep and rapid descent, with top speeds of up to 70 km/h and then back up again steeply into the loop! Check all around again and turn quickly down again, look, stay cool in the figure eight, and continue into a helix. Steep Immelmann turn with 80° banking and turned through S-curves.

The ride is based on cutting edge technology and the experience of more than 30 realized spinning coasters. The high speeds in combination with spinning effects and a winding course, as well as the successful integration of a spectacular looping element into a family coaster, place the highest demands on planning and execution.

Looping principle turned on its head
Because the highlight in the truest sense of the word is the new NIL, “Non-Inverted Loop”, which went into operation for the first time worldwide in Dubai. It turns the looping principle on its head: swinging all the way up and still keeping an overview. Precisely designed track bending makes the innovation possible. To create the perfect film illusion, MAURER worked closely with Lionsgate, FORREC, and DEC.

Denis Pascal, General Manager of MOTIONGATE Dubai at Dubai Parks and Resorts, is excited: “The record-breaking coaster aims to reimagine the whole coaster experience for visitors to a more immersive one “Now You See Me: High Roller” is designed to be imaginative, immersive, and extravagant to make riders feel they’re living in the movie and to generate many repeat rides from teens and adults alike.