Newly launched ICON Leisure introduces operational design consulting to Lagoon and Surf Park planning

By | November 15, 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — ICON Leisure, in partnership with ICON Experiences, officially launched today by announcing strategic relationships with four top brands in the leisure industry. Offering unique operational design consulting and turn-key management services, ICON Leisure, together with design and engineering experts Kimley-Horn, aquatic risk management innovator Ellis & Associates (E&A), aquatic facility management expert Jeff Ellis Management (JEM) and WhiteWater’s Vantage aquatic venue management technology, provides a beginning-to-end expert resource for aquatic venue and resort destination developers. ICON Leisure is headed by Brian Stovall, a 25-year veteran of operational concept design, new construction management, day-to-day management, and real estate. ICON Leisure consulting services will focus on leveraging Stovall’s experience in the burgeoning lagoon and surf park arena while ICON Experiences will maintain their focus on attractions and experiences.

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of ten lagoon and surf park development projects in recent years,” said Brian Stovall, managing partner of ICON Leisure. “In creating this new consulting and management firm, we can provide developers with the insight and resources they need to plan for optimal operations, enhanced staff and guest experience and day to day management, avoiding costly mistakes on the back end by applying operationally efficient principles to the design from the beginning.”

With the understanding that in the leisure industry, relationships matter as much as experience and success, ICON Leisure has partnered with the following leading firms:

  • Kimley-Horn: Kimley-Horn is one of the nation’s premier planning and design consulting firms. Since 1967, we have delivered outcomes you can depend on – projects that can be successfully developed, permitted and built on time and within budget. Our multi-disciplinary design teams provide an integrated design approach to developing unique projects from planning through engineering, landscape, parking, and development of a wide range of project types and sizes. We strive to work as one team with our clients, consultants, and design teams to make our client’s vision become reality.  
  • Ellis & Associates: E&A has been the world leader in aquatic safety and risk management since 1983. Expertise in lifeguard instructor training, safety and health training, aquatics standard operating procedure, safety signage, leadership development and accountability.
  • Jeff Ellis Management: JEM is a one-stop resource for aquatic facility management. JEM employees the same rigorous lifeguard training and aquatic risk management principles created by Jeff Ellis while adding services like complete management, maintenance, staffing, human resources, and more. JEM will continue to serve the aquatic industry by remaining the testing laboratory for E&A and EAI to further develop and lead the industry into the future. 
  • Vantage – powered by WhiteWater: Aquatic venue management technology platform. Vantage Technology: Backed by WhiteWater’s 40 years of experience in the water attractions industry, Vantage is a complete venue management platform that allows surf parks to maximize capacity through dynamic booking, provides guests tailored experiences, and streamlines operations through insightful data.

“The Ellis and Associates group of companies has known, trusted and worked with Brian Stovall and the other top-tier organizations that are partnering with ICON Leisure for more than thirty years,” said Richard “RAC” Carroll, SVP and COO of Ellis and Associates. “We’ve been there together, since very early in our careers, learning what it takes to run safe and successful aquatic facilities at the highest level. We’ve also learned the importance of getting it right up front, at the very beginning, so oversights in design don’t cause staffing or safety issues in the future.”

“We’ve worked with Brian on several projects over the years and his insight into the operational aspects of design have been invaluable to these developments from the early stages of planning to implementation.“ said Christopher Falce, Vice President of Kimley-Horn. “His ability to see the big picture while simultaneously focusing on the details has proven to be a tremendous value and has helped create successful projects.”

“Together with ICON Leisure, Vantage will evolve location-based entertainment to match the personalization and convenience today’s consumers expect,” said Vantage’s Director of Customer Success and Product Innovation, Aaron Mendelson. “At the same time, the technology will help venues operate—and staff—efficiently as well as target their marketing like never before.”

Operational design consulting means considering daily operations, emergency planning and preparedness and guest experience with every development decision. Looking at the project from both the operators’ and the guests’ perspective, ICON Leisure helps developers navigate the multifaceted complexities of designing, developing and operating lagoons, surf parks and aquatic entertainment.

“ICON Leisure will be there for our clients, even after opening day,” added Brian Stovall. “We offer a full, turn-key solution for investors, real estate developers and owners. We are confident our experience is unparalleled, and a true value add to these lifestyle development projects.”