By | November 30, 2021

The DECEMBER 2021 issue includes:

  • 2021 IAFE Convention and Trade Show come to San Antonio
  • Annual Holiday Cooking Guide
  • Gerstlauer, Ride Entertainment bring one-of-a-kind coaster to Texas
  • Holiday merriment unfolds in parks across the country
  • Almost 1.6 million attend Arizona State Fair
  • The Great Frederick Fair has successful run
  • Upgrades and a new slide in store for Adventure Island
  • Cowabunga Bay illuminates off-season with Festival of Lanterns
  • Cincinnati-area youths learn industry secrets as part of Coaster Camp
  • Cedar Point featured on Food Network’s Dinner Impossible
  • WWA welcomes return of networking opportunities for industry
  • January begins industry safety seminars, return to in-person format
  • Bell’s Amusement Park announces a comeback in Oklahoma … and more!