Zamperla coaster team gears up for trade show season

By | September 24, 2021

Zamperla is excited to bring its updated coaster portfolio to exhibitions this fall. The Italian company showcased its new designs as well as the innovation in coaster engineering at the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo in early September and will bring its team to Barcelona next week. Zamperla has already released specifics about the Double Heart and the Family Coaster Lift/Launch earlier this year via the company’s virtual celebration, Z-Fun Week. However, it has three additional concepts not yet revealed that clients can see in-person at booth 918 in hall 1.

“We have spent the past five years investing in both talent and technology,” said Alberto Ferri, the Roller Coaster Division Director. “Our capabilities continue to improve and we have demonstrated our ability to engineer and fabricate product that is some of the best in the industry. Ensuring that our engineering to fabrication pipeline works seamlessly has been at the heart of our improvements.”

The company’s roller coaster division has projects of a complexity that were not historically associated with the Zamperla. Installations such as a Junior Coaster at Ferrari World (U.A.E.), the Factory Coaster at Wuxi Sunac Land (China) and Thunderbolt at Mundo Petapa (Guatemala) demonstrate a leveling-up of the company’s coaster quality. In addition, Canal Peak at Yangzhou OCT Fancy City (China) will open soon and promises to be one of the smoothest thrill coasters the company has produced. 

“I am excited to show the collection of new experiences our team has created over the past year. During the difficult time created by COVID our CEO Antonio Zamperla challenged our design team to come with fantastic, daring ride concepts so we would come out of the pandemic with groundbreaking coaster experiences,” said Adam Sandy, Roller Coaster Sales & Marketing Director. “But even more important than our new concepts, a look ‘under the hood’ showcases what really separates our latest design work from the competition. Cost of ownership drives our engineering philosophy. Features like an aluminum-milled chassis mean that our clients will receive the latest coaster innovation that drives down NDT and maintenance costs in every style of roller coaster we offer- from the Lightning thrill platform down to the Family Coaster.”

These developments are possible due to the investment the company has made in every aspect of the roller coaster business unit. The goal is to create products and experiences as familiar as Zamperla’s legendary family and thrill rides.

“It is an exciting time for Zamperla,” said Valerio Ferrari, Chief Sales Officer. “I’m thrilled that we are offering roller coasters that target three key height requirements: 90 cm (36 in), 105 cm (42 in) and 120 cm (48 in). We believe that combining specific ridership demographics with innovative, marketable concepts means that customers will see us as a go-to company for roller coasters.” said Ferrari.

For more information come see the team at the IAAPA Expo Europe (Hall 1, Booth 918), visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @ZamperlaCoasters .

During the 2020/2021 “COVID period” Zamperla opened the following roller coasters:

  • Formula Rossa Junior, Ferrari World (U.A.E.), Junior Coaster (2020)
  • Canal Peak, Yangzhou OCT Fancy City (China), Thunderbolt (opening fall, 2021)
  • Dragon’s Apprentice, Legoland New York (U.S.A.), Family Coaster (2021)
  • Storm, Magic Kass (Israel), Powered Coaster (2021)
  • Taxi #1, Bollywood Parks Dubai (U.A.E.), Family Coaster (2021)
  • Tidal Twister, Columbus Zoo (U.S.A.), Twister Coaster (2021)