Frostbite – Dino Island III in production

By | September 30, 2021

TORONTO, Ontario — SimEx-Iwerks’ slate of high-quality Flying and 4D Experiences continues to expand with FROSTBITE – DINO ISLAND III, now in production in collaboration with the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, Red Raion.

SimEx-Iwerks’ Dino Island attractions have been the most popular dinosaur-themed ride experiences of all time. Since the mid ‘90s, audiences in over 30 countries have been thrilled and captivated by the universal and endless appeal of Dino Island’s dinosaurs. FROSTBITE – DINO ISLAND III continues this highly successful legacy, combining cutting-edge multimedia and flying theater technologies with world-class storytelling.

“Our previous Dino Island films are the most successful, widely distributed ride films in our catalog” says Mike Frueh, Senior Vice President, Licensing & Distribution, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment. “We are excited to release this high-action, custom film for both our FlyRide and 4D Theaters. The show will work as a stand-alone experience as well as a fantastic complement to dinosaur-themed special exhibits.”

In this latest chapter, Dino Island is an extraordinary place off the coast of Antarctica, where dinosaurs have been preserved deep within permanently frozen ice caves. Dino Island Adventures has begun offering tourists the chance to see these amazing specimens up-close, as well as explore the unique tropical habitat found within the island’s dormant volcano.

However, without warning the jungle portion of the tour must be cut short when strong tremors are felt. The volcano suddenly erupts and the ice caves experience dramatic flash melting. Heading for home as quickly as possible, we are stunned to run headlong into unfrozen, very alive, and very hangry dinosaurs! When the only path to safety is blocked by the world’s fiercest predators we face a daunting choice, confrontation or escapeover a towering cliff.

“It has been a lot of fun developing the next chapter of the Dino Island story” says Richard Needham, SimEx- Iwerks’ Entertainment’s Creative Director. “We want this attraction to really showcase all the best attributes of flying theatres and 4D Experiences®, from the ride dynamics to the environmental effects. We’re taking advantage of all the cutting-edge storytelling tools available today to make that happen. Red Raion shares our enthusiasm for this property, and it’s been a real pleasure working on it with them.”

“We are extremely proud that SimEx-Iwerks has chosen Red Raion to produce the newest chapter of their successful Dino Island series” added Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion. “It’s not the first time we have worked together: our collaboration started around 5 years ago when they chose our 5D movies for licensing, and we’ve also recently announced our partnership to provide them with Red Raion’s growing catalog of licensed titles in fly format for their FlyRide® theaters. We’re glad that they decided to renew their trust in us, and we can’t wait to show everyone the results of this further collaboration!”

FROSTBITE – DINO ISLAND III is the perfect fit for FlyRide Flying Theaters as well as 4D and Motion Theatres, all in stunning Ultra High Resolution, High Frame Rate 3D!