Jay M. Grant, Sr., a pioneer of commercial go-kart manufacturing, recently passed away at the age of 91

By | July 13, 2021

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Amusement Products sadly announces the passing of Jay M. Grant, Sr., company CEO. He leaves behind a legacy that helped shape commercial go-kart manufacturing as a prominent and popular attraction in the FEC industry. 

Before Amusement Products, there was Golf Players, Inc., where Jay worked as an accountant to maintain the books for over 35 miniature golf facilities located in the southern United States from Miami, FL to San Bernardino, CA. As Golf Players, Inc. grew, go-karts were added to the miniature golf locations to generate additional revenue. While successful, the karts they bought would not last a year. Having worked for over a decade at Siskin Steel prior to joining the company, Jay knew the reason for this was poor quality steel. He convinced the company founder, Dutch Magrath Jr., to start building their own karts. This soon became a successful manufacturing business and Golf Players, Inc. became Pacer Manufacturing with Jay as president of the company. In 1994, Jay, Dutch Magrath Jr. and Dutch Magrath III bought out Pacer Manufacturing and became Amusement Products, LLC. As CEO of the company, Jay helped keep it on sound financial footing while the business continued to grow and expand. buy bactroban online https://mabvi.org/wp-content/languages/new/over/bactroban.html over the counter Even after retiring, Jay continued as CEO up until his death, lending guidance and wisdom to Dutch III as the company grew and diversified. Dutch Magrath III, president of Amusement Products, said, “Jay was always quick with a smile and a compliment and was a positive and motivating force for Amusement Products, even up to a few days prior to his passing. He will be greatly missed.” buy amitriptyline online https://mabvi.org/wp-content/languages/new/over/amitriptyline.html over the counter

Jay was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 27, 1930. He graduated from Chattanooga Central High School in 1948. He worked at Siskin Steel for two years before joining the Air Force, where he taught in the Air Force Tech Schools and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. After the military, he attended college at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute and graduated with a degree in finance. He returned to Siskin Steel for 16 years and then joined Amusement Products where he continued working until May 20, 2021. He married Marjorie Allene Wiggins on June 14, 1959. They were married for 61 years. buy grifulvin online https://mabvi.org/wp-content/languages/new/over/grifulvin.html over the counter