Gardaland Resort’s new season has begun with the opening of Gardaland Park and the inauguration of LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, the first fully-themed LEGO water park in Europe

By | July 9, 2021

Gardaland Resort kicked off the 2021 season with the opening of Gardaland Park and the inauguration of the eagerly-awaited LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, the first fully-themed LEGO water park in Europe.

“After months of closure, we were very happy to see our guests in the streets of the Park and on board the attractions”, said Aldo Maria Vigevani, Managing Director of Gardaland. “LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, in which we have invested 20 million euros, is the first LEGO-themed water park in Europe and fifth in the world; until now people had to go to Malaysia or the United States to find something similar, now just come to Gardaland to immerse yourself in this colourful world of water, where you can have fun on the slides and free your imagination by building with LEGO bricks”.

Young visitors and their families can finally enjoy the water slides and discover the many LEGO-themed games and activities in the water park: from the LEGO River Adventure, a waterway that crosses much of the Water Park and can be travelled on board inflatable boats – customisable using large and soft LEGO floating bricks – which carry you along on the gentle current of the river, to the Beach Party, with its 7 water slides and the huge bucket that suddenly tips up to surprise and soak kids, and Jungle Adventures, with slides for all the family. Fun is guaranteed in areas dedicated to creativity and discovery like LEGO Creation Island, where it is possible to build your own boat with LEGO blocks, decorate a big sandcastle or use large soft blocks to build huge walls. DUPLO® Splash is an attraction for the youngest visitors, where they can venture on the slides for the first time and learn through play, while the Pirate Bay, with its large pool, is the ideal place for the entire family to enjoy a swim, stay cool or simply relax.

There are many interesting numbers at LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland: from the almost 1,400 cubic metres of water held in the pools, to the 344 metres’ total length of the Jungle Adventure slides, and the 1,500 litres of water poured from the bucket at the top of the Beach Party tower; not to mention as many as 4 million 900 thousand LEGO bricks used to create the monuments of Miniland, where the most iconic monuments and symbols of the Italian territory have been reproduced in 1:20 scale – from St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice to the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

One special detail inside Miniland is the area dedicated to Gardaland itself, with reproductions of the iconic Albero di Prezzemolo, as well as Piazza Ramses and Gardaland Magic Hotel.

The visit is made even more engaging by the many interactive elements present in Miniland: by positioning yourself on the footsteps in front of the monument of St. Peter’s Square, for example, it is possible to activate the parade of the mini Swiss Guards, while by pressing a red button, you can start the descent of Gardaland attraction Space Vertigo. And then there are the gladiators of the Colosseum which come alive by turning the starting handles, even starting a fight, while the organ of the Duomo of Milan begins to play when the keys of the piano set in front of the monument are pressed.

For real fans, a trip to the water park can be rounded off with a visit to the LEGO Shop, full of exclusive products and news from the LEGO world as well as many LEGO building sets.