Get ready to be immersed in the new Wave of Fun…

By | December 1, 2020

The moment you were waiting for has finally arrived and we are proud to reveal the new attraction developed by Zamperla!

Another iconic attraction, another innovative experience, and the ideal combination of a classic shoot-the-cute and a drop tower. That is how the Big WaveZ guarantees Big thrill in a small footprint and a Big splash with great spectacle.

Get ready to be immersed into a unique ride concept that doubles the fun and creates a real show: the adrenaline of bounces and a huge splash into the water is enhanced with an interactive videogame section. 

The Big WaveZ takes passengers 15 meters high, on top of the tower, where starts the engaging game experience during which riders take full control of their destiny depending on their interactions and game dynamics thanks to Z+ cameras and sensors. At the end of the journey prepare yourself for the wider splash that you have ever seen, variable depending on the exit of the optional game section: the ride experience is unpredictable and changes every time!

With our Big WaveZ we bring you through memorable and personalized journeys, taking storytelling and attraction design to the next level, putting riders at the heart of the action.