Safety features technologies provided by Z+

By | June 30, 2020

How technology and innovation can reconvert a production helping to realize devices to guarantee social distancing and safe environments?

The  Covid-19  found  us  unprepared  to  adapt  to  an  unexpected  new everyday reality, that brought us to reprogram our habits thanks to the use of technology, which has allowed us to move forward in the phase of lockdown.

Reinventing not only the approach to work but also our societal environment, with the help of new state-of-the-art solutions to contain the spreading of the Coronavirus, Zamperla has not stopped its innovation journey. Thanks to our highly creative people, with a wealth of skills and a great interest for innovation we have been able to adapt part of our production implementing and realizing new products.

Our Z+ division, specialized in hi-tech developments, attempts every day to bring together the latest technologies and industry insights to propose the best solutions in the amusement sector. This challenging time brought us an opportunity to adapt and reinvent ourselves, using the extensive experience and knowledge in the technology field to launch new products on the market of healthcare prevention, specifically developed to contain the spreading of the Coronavirus.

We began producing our own smart and safe features solutions focusing on how to help tackle the pandemic, working on new products that could meet current needs: starting from a People Counter to an Intelligent Temperature Test Device monitoring body temperature to a Welcome Modular Tunnel designed to combine safety with entertainment items.

The Z+ People Counter works thanks to a camera tracking system, easy to implement, that accurately regulates the number of people going in and out of a building or an enclosed area, giving a real-time data on the totals. Useful even after the Covid emergency, thanks to a management software that provides the statistics on the attendance of visitors and use them to optimize businesses.

The Intelligent Temperature Test Device can be used at the entrance of common enclosed spaces and any social gathering place to detect body temperature and regulate the entry safely to mitigate the risk of contagion from diseases caused by viruses, especially COVID-19. Without displaying degrees, the scanner indicates the temperature of the person passing by illuminating itself in three different colors (green, yellow, and red) and guaranteeing a protected environment.

WELCOME Z+ is a control and safety modular tunnel designed by our division to transform the required security checks into a positive and entertaining experience through smart technology. Z+ has developed various options of the tunnel to fit different requirements for each specific customer, reducing operational costs increasing safety and efficiency.

Every WELCOME module has been built and equipped with the aim of performing precise features that range from an information module about recommended behaviors, to a thermo scanner module and a disinfectant module that subjects the visitor to a totally non-toxic substance to eradicates viruses, bacteria, and fungi quickly and efficiently and a hand sanitizer.