International Ride Training announces the 2018 iROC Ride Operations Excellence Award Winning Parks

By | December 12, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — International Ride Training announced today the 2018 International Ride Operator Certification Audit Excellence Award winners. This year’s winners, in noparticular order, are:

  • The Park at OWA: Foley, Alabama
  • Valleyfair: Shakopee, Minnesota
  • Holiday World: Santa Claus, Indiana
  • Kings Island: Mason, Ohio

Of the thousands of amusement ride operators throughout the United States that are trained to perform to the rigorous safety, efficiency, and professionalism standards of the International Ride Operator Certification program, the ride operators at these four parks demonstrated the highest level of performance in each of these areas during their 2018 unannounced iROC certification audits.

Patty Beazley of IRT commented, “iROC-certified parks show the highest commitment to guest safety in the industry, and these four operations teams embody the very best of the best in the amusement industry.”

“It is a privilege to witness these ride operators in action. The focus on safety, both from these parks and their operators, is evident in their training and performance. To achieve this award takes full commitment, teamwork, and real dedication to guest safety.” Erik Beard of IRT added.

The International Ride Operator Certification program requires amusement and water parks to train and adhere to International Ride Training’s proprietary “Ten Critical Components” of ride operations safety, efficiency and professionalism designed specifically to ensure that guests of iROC parks, from small children to seasoned thrill seekers, have the safest and most enjoyable day of their summers. iROC-certified parks also submit to unannounced audits from IRT auditors who gauge ride operator performance on over thirty criteria each ride cycle to ensure that operators are performing at a level commensurate with their training.

Award recipients will be honored at the International Ride Operator Safety School at the PARK at OWA February 5 -8, 2019.

International Ride Training, LLC provides a full slate of safety and risk management services to clients across all segments of the attractions industry, including theme parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, entertainment complexes and adventure facilities. IRT provides hands on training, operational policy development, compliance assessments and consulting, and ride operations auditing. IRT is also home to the International Ride Operator Certification Safety School, a “hands on” ride operators training program focused on safety, efficiency and professionalism and based around the iROC Ten Critical Component Standards of Performance. IRT’s next iROC Safety School will be held February 5-8, 2019 at The Park at OWA in Foley, Alabama.