H-2B Visa Program in Jeopardy – Help Support OABA’s “Back the PAC” Campaign Now

By | July 28, 2016

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association Political Action Committee (OABA-PAC) donations to federal legislators helps develop strong relationships with legislators that help to get favorable regulations to protect your seasonal, guest workers in the H-2B visa program. Because OABA’s Board and OABA-PAC Committee strongly understand the importance of a reliable and dedicated staff for your operations, we now need your help to replenish our PAC funds. These funds are specifically dedicated to support members of Congress that go out on the limb to help us fight for less regulations and the returning worker exemption.

The OABA over the past three years has spent well over $150,000 in PAC funds to keep legislators, who our DC lobbyists and members of our Government Relations Committee believes are fighting for our changes to keep the H-2B visa program workable for this industry. These OABA PAC donations help to insure that these legislators are re-elected as Senators and Representatives and continue to help our H-2B stakeholders. The entire OABA Board of Directors approves these PAC contributions each year.

Your voluntary, personal contribution will help replenish our PAC Fund and as a company that benefits from the H-2B program, we urge you to “Back the OABA PAC”Campaign and donate today.

Simply go to the OABA website at www.oaba.org and click on the OABA PAC icon on our home page to donate now. Our OABA PAC contribution form must be completed, on-line, and use a Visa or MasterCard to make a simple, fast and easy contribution. The PAC form is a requirement of the Federal Election Committee. If you have any questions, please call 800-517-6222.

Our lobbyists in DC are working hard to protect the H-2B program from unreasonable and onerous regulation by our government and keep this program a reliable source of seasonal guest workers to save American jobs.