S&S Worldwide announces new tower ride for park in China

By | April 2, 2015

S&S ~ SanseiLOGAN, Utah — Another park in China will be installing an S&S tower ride later this year. S&S Worldwide, Inc. (“S&S”) is pleased to announce that a Double Shot tower ride is on tap to open in late 2015 at the Eon Time theme park in Hohhot, China.

As the world’s leading producers of tower rides, S&S is pleased to have the opportunity to place a Double Shot ride in the exciting and innovative Eon Time project. The developer, Eon Time Real Estate Corporation, has created a mixed-use development that fuses various aspects of natural elements with the surrounding context of the city, which will give the project a distinct identity.

“At S&S, we are very honored to have been selected to participate in the unique Eon Time project,” said Tim Timco, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for S&S. “Eon Time is focused on creating developments that allow people and the environment to exist in harmony, for which the environmentally friendly air-launched Double Shot tower ride was a natural fit.”

The Double Shot, already in production by S&S, will launch 12 passengers nearly 80 feet (24 meters) through two cycles of positive 3-G and negative 1-G ride experiences. The cycle repeats with two 30 mph launch sequences in every ride. According to Timco, “The Double Shot earned its name from the extra shot (or thrilling acceleration) that riders experience during the ride cycle.”

Timco added, “Our team at S&S has more experience than anyone in the world in providing high-quality tower rides; and we believe that the Double Shot will be an important feature of Eon Time’s exciting new venture. We’re looking forward to the opening of this new ride in the coming months.”