IAAPA new exhibitor announces industry game-changer

By | December 4, 2013

Starfish Aquatics Institute-logoOrlando, Fla. — Booth 3686 at the IAAPA Attractions Expo was the site where major waterparks and resorts had their first opportunity to meet the members of an industry changing strategic partnership: Innovative Attraction Management, LLC (IAM) and the Starfish Aquatics Institute, LLC (SAI). While both SAI and the individual members of IAM have been in the industry for decades, together they used the broad reach of IAAPA to announce a strategic partnership that will use their complementary strengths Innovative Attraction Managementand expertise to create a new option for aquatic training and elite risk prevention services.

“IAM will offer its Elite Aquatic Risk Prevention Program with SAI’s StarGuard lifeguard program as its foundation,” said Mike Friscia, President of IAM and a waterpark industry veteran.

“SAI’s programs have been in use in all 50 states and around the world since the agency was formed in the late 1990s, and together we can provide the aquatic industry with client-based and cost-effective services that will set the industry standard.”

The Elite program has the following features and is designed for water park and resort clients:

  • Exceeds recognized safety standards
  • Audit reviews for both lifeguards and dispatch positions
  • Aquatic incident investigation support
  • Litigation support
  • Annual pre-season park inspection and in-service training session
  • StarGuard Instructor and Instructor Trainer sessions that fit the needs of the client
  • Experiential, objective-based training that results in a certificate of completion and a site-specific license and accountability program.

According to Friscia, while the Elite program provides operators a high level, cost-effective risk management services for all size water parks and resorts, the Elite program will improve the operation’s safety focus for any aquatic facility or organization.

“One advantage to working with SAI is that they are the only agency providing training and certifications in all areas of aquatic safety. Other Lifeguard Risk Management providers don’t provide training and support to areas of need such as non-lifeguard aquatic awareness and hands-on pool/pump room maintenance training. It will be a great value to IAM and our Clients to be able to offer this diverse menu of offerings as added layers to our Elite Aquatic Risk Prevention Program” Friscia said.

“SAI offers training and certification in lifeguarding (StarGuard), swim instruction (Starfish Swimming), pool operation (ATI/AquaTech), management (AquaticManager), aquatic safety training and rescue (STAR) and risk management consulting, including its StarReview audit program.”

“IAM shares the same core values that have guided SAI as we continue to be the fastest growing aquatic training and certification agency in the United States and overseas,” said Jill White, Founder of SAI and internationally recognized expert in aquatic risk management.

“Like SAI, IAM is focused on the client and its needs, and is in the aquatic risk prevention business with a commitment to saving lives by adhering to the highest standards of aquatic safety in a cost-effective manner.”

In addition to Friscia, the IAM team includes industry veteran and former Walt Disney World Resort Recreation leader James Harhi and former Ellis & Associates executive Michael Oostman, who is also President of Oostman Aquatic Safety Consulting.