Zamperla opens agriculture entertainment center, Luna Farm

AT: Tim Baldwin

BOLOGNA, Italy — With the success of the rebirth of Luna Park in New York’s Coney Island in 2010, management at Zamperla have repeated the formula in Italy. Dubbed the world’s largest agri-food park, FICO Eately World opened in 2017 and features eateries and hands-on exhibits. Visitors can eat, shop for food or take cooking classes. In late November of 2019, Zamperla opened the doors to a new indoor entertainment center called Luna Farm at the location.

Team Park Project is the design company responsible for the layout plan. The interior of the facility encompasses 6,500 square meters (close to 70,000 square feet) of fun. 

“The concept of this indoor park was defined in July 2018,” said Nicolas Trentin, marketing manager, Zamperla. “It then took approximately 10 months to design the park and seven months to realize it.”

The farm-themed amusement park features 15 attractions, all from Zamperla, adorned with animal and farming motifs. A monorail has families riding above the action inside vehicles shaped like hens. A Samba Balloon ride sports a honey pots-and-bumblebee overlay. Magic Bikes are decorated in a scarecrow theme. A Zamperla Jump Around is named Flying Pigs and places children in smiling, mud-splattered swine. The attractions find that sweet spot between whimsical and adorable.

Formula Farm is a Space Vortex model spinning coaster positioned in the center of the facility.

Zamperla’s high-tech division, Zamperla Plus (Z+), is tapped for augmented reality and interactive reality on select attractions. In addition to the 13 rides, two additional attractions, a VR BOX and the 4D Cimema, are located in the park arcade. Bumper cars have an additional arcade element as drivers of the bull-shaped vehicles drive over interactive projections. 

Fuga Dal Milino (“Escape from the Mill”) is a funhouse style environment with numerous classic physical gags and walking surfaces. Labirintolo is a play structure that lets kids jump, climb and swing.

Close to the heart of the Zamperla group is the investment of the concept of inclusivity and accessibility. Attention has been given to making rides available to those with special needs.

“This is the first indoor themed park in Italy, so it is absolutely unique and innovative,” Trentin told Amusement Today. “The park is specifically targeted at children, and it is themed around an Italian farm where an eccentric character and his crazy animals run riot.”

Within the park, guests encounter various characters. The farmer Gianni is the mastermind behind all the wacky contraptions, but the animal mascots take the stage. Penelope the pig, Valentino the bull, Ricky the rooster and Martina the queen bee all come with their own personal backstory and personality. Dressed in fun and trendy clothes, the mascots are quick to engage with young visitors. When the characters put on a stage show, guests sit comfortably on sacks of straw.

Trentin stated that both the parents and children seem to be enthusiastic about Luna Farm’s overall entertainment offer. “Among the attractions which have immediately been met with approval are two prototype rides — Zamperla’s indoor spinning coaster and Zamperla’s interactive bumper cars,” he said. “The interactive painting wall next to the park entrance has proven to be a success with children literally rushing at it.”

The average length of stay seems to be approximately two to three hours. A full workforce employs 70 people, 50 of which are ride operators and guest service personnel. Party rooms are also available for rent. A gift shop with ubiquitous plush, a nursery, arena and a skill games area are all part of the venue.

While Luna Farm is a part of the FICO Eately World complex, known for its food, the entertainment center still offers snacks and dishes for those inside. A balance of park food with Italian cuisine is available.

“Luna Farm is much more than a collection of amusement rides for children,” said Trentin. “Young visitors and their families will enjoy here a unique experience where, by having fun, they will get to know the many values connected with food: the promotion of health and environmental sustainability and the protection of landscape and nature. All these values are linked to the culture of the Mediterranean Diet, on which the FICO Foundation bases its actions.”

“We are proud of our partnership with Mr Farinetti, founder of FICO Eataly World, particularly because it’s a completely Italian partnership,” says Alberto Zamperla, president of the Zamperla Group. “Eataly World is a top player in the food industry, and Zamperla is the world top player in the amusement field. Isn’t it a perfect recipe?

“Moreover, we share with FICO Eataly World the same mission, i.e. promoting the Italian excellence in the world. The nature of this cutting-edge project has led us to take it seriously and invest in this collaboration accordingly. Luna Farm arrives at the second year of FICO as a natural evolution of a project that anticipates future trends: FICO offers innovative answers to the changing needs of consumers, where entertainment plays a key role,” he added.

The cost of the Luna Farm project was 11 million euros.

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