Intercard And CSML partner at IAAPI Amusement Expo February 26-28, 2020

By | February 20, 2020

ST. LOUIS — From February 26-28 an Intercard team headed by Alberto Borrero, senior vice-president of international sales and Rohit Mathur of CSML, Intercard’s Indian distributor, will be at the 20th IAAPI Amusement Expo in Mumbai, India. Intercard is also a sponsor of the IAAPI IAC CONNECT event at the Expo.

Intercard’s clients in India include Esselworld and NAMCO. Mumbai-based CSML performs its installations in India and provides expert local service. It recently installed Intercard’s latest systems in the new NAMCO family entertainment center at Seawoods Grand Central Mall in Navi Mumbai, India. NAMCO Seawoods Grand Central is BANDAI NAMCO’s second location in India and the largest in the country. Intercard’s Indian customers also benefit from 24/7 local Indian technical support.

“We are honored to partner with CSML to serve the growing Indian amusement market,” says Alberto Borrero. “Some of the leading domestic and international operators in India are already using Intercard cashless technology and we look forward to working with more of them in the future.”

At IAAPI Expo Intercard will feature its latest cashless technology including the Edge Mobile App Collection and the Blockbuster iTeller for FECs with cinemas. Rohit Mathur and his team of sales and technical experts will be happy to give you a demo of these great products. You can contact him at  to schedule a meeting.

Embed announces 2020 tradeshow calendar

By | February 20, 2020

SINGAPORE — Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and integrated software solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, announces its 2020 trade show calendar. Embed Mavericks will be on site exhibiting and demo-ing the industry’s latest technology – The Mobile Wallet and showcasing the latest wearable media designs.

Game-Changer:  The Mobile Wallet
The mobile wallet was launched at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando and has been very well received in the industry. The first to market the Mobile Wallet, Embed delivers the next-generation in cashless payments for the FEC Industry. Embed is the ONLY FEC business solutions provider to partner with Google and Apple to gain compliance approval, a breakthrough that makes Embed the only non-banking finance-payment or loyalty card business and brand card that sits in the mobile wallet. There’s no app download required, so guests add the virtual game card to their Mobile Wallet and play. All in the name of easing the customer journey and driving return visitors for Embed’s Operators, serving to future-proof their business. 

Beyond The Game Card: Wearable Media

Making its debut at the IAAPA 2019 show in Orlando, the new collection of wearable media has over 200 design variations, covering every consumer demographic, gender, and amusement category, including waterparks and even music festivals. The collection has been a next generation show stopper. Embed also redefined the “game card” by combining fashion, textile design, with various materials, and technology to reimagine wearables that drive return visits, customer loyalty and a cult following. Again, with the aim of future-proofing Embed’s customer’s businesses.  

“We introduced a number of exciting innovations at IAAPA Expo 2019, designed to deliver a superior guest experience that will disrupt our industry. We continue to focus on providing tailored solutions to help Operators drive more profit for their business by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs and achieving their business goals. Our “customer first” approach focuses on solutions that enable the optimum consumer experience and it’s the driver behind our development efforts because when the customer thrives the operators thrives! We received universal positive feedback since our launch and look forward to showcasing our breakthrough solutions at the various tradeshows and events globally.” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Solutions Group.

Stern Pinball announces KMS as Central European distributor for parts, accessories, and merchandise

By | February 20, 2020

CHICAGO, Ill. — Stern Pinball, Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball, announced today the appointment of KMS as Stern Pinball, Inc.’s satellite distributor for parts, accessories, and merchandise in Europe. This will complement our existing distributor network which will continue to sell and distribute parts, accessories, and merchandise.

“Stern Pinball is committed to growing pinball around the globe. We are always looking for ways to better serve the European market,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball. “With a centralized European parts warehouse set up directly with our importer and distributor KMS, the pinball market will be better served in having products faster and at a more economical price.”

KMS was selected by Stern Pinball because of their central European geographical location and their history and knowledge in small commercial order fulfillment. For years, KMS, through its sister companies, has been shipping accessories, merchandise, and gadgets for truck drivers in addition to running an apparel business specializing in clog footwear. With their computer software and hardware infrastructure in place, KMS has developed the official parts business website located at

In addition to hosting a robust website, KMS will expand their facilities and invest in a significant Stern inventory. KMS will be adding personnel to its already experienced staff to facilitate sales of Stern Pinball parts, accessories, and merchandise, starting with European Stern distributors. KMS remains as the importer/distributor of Stern Pinball machines for Germany.

“We have been longtime fans and customers of Stern Pinball and are very pleased to have the opportunity to represent Stern in distributing all things pinball, now including parts, accessories, and merchandise,” said Harold J. Scheper, General Manager and CEO of KMS.

Cedar Fair reports record results for 2019; declares quarterly cash distribution

By | February 19, 2020

SANDUSKY, Ohio— Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and immersive entertainment, today reported record net revenues for its full-year and fourth-quarter 2019 results. The Company also announced a new long-term Adjusted EBITDA growth target.

Full-year 2019 results are not directly comparable with full-year 2018, as 2019 includes results from the operations of the two Schlitterbahn water parks since their July 1, 2019 acquisition date. For purposes of same-park discussions, current year data excludes the results of the Schlitterbahn water parks.

2019 Highlights

  • Net revenues increased 9% to a record $1.47 billion; same-park net revenues were up 6%.
    • Attendance at Cedar Fair’s parks increased 8% to a record 27.9 million guests; same-park attendance increased 5%.
    • In-park per capita spending increased 1% to a record $48.32; in-park per capita spending on a same-park basis was up 1%.
    • Out-of-park revenues were up 11% to a record $169 million; same-park out-of-park revenues increased 8%.
  • Net income increased 36%, or $46 million, to $172 million and Adjusted EBITDA increased 8%, or $37 million, to $505 million. On a same-park basis, net income increased 27%, or $34 million, and Adjusted EBITDA3 increased 5%, or $21 million.
  • Through Dec. 31, 2019, sales of 2020 season passes and related all-season products, are up more than 40% from the same time last year.
For additional information regarding Adjusted EBITDA, including how the Company defines and uses Adjusted EBITDA, see the attached historical reconciliation table and related footnotes.
2 The Company is not reconciling Adjusted EBITDA targets or guidance to Net Income, in reliance on the unreasonable efforts exception provided under Item 10(e)(1)(i)(B) of Regulation S-K. The Company is unable, without unreasonable efforts, to forecast certain individual items required to reconcile Adjusted EBITDA targets or guidance to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measure (Net Income). These items include the net effect of swaps, non-cash foreign currency (gain) loss, as well as other non-cash and unusual items and other adjustments as defined under the Company’s debt agreements, which are difficult to predict in advance in order to include in a GAAP estimate.
3 Adjusted EBITDA for the year ended December 31, 2019, excluding the Schlitterbahn parks’ results (i.e.: the same-park basis) was calculated as net income of $160.4 million plus interest expense of $100.4 million, interest income of $2.0 million, provision for taxes of $42.8 million, depreciation and amortization of $167.8 million, net effect of swaps charge of $16.5 million, non-cash foreign currency gain of $21.1 million, non-cash equity compensation of $12.4 million, loss on impairment / retirement of fixed assets of $4.7 million, and acquisition-related costs of $7.2 million.

CEO Commentary
“We are extremely pleased with our 2019 season, which was the most successful year in Cedar Fair’s history,” said Richard A. Zimmerman, president and CEO of Cedar Fair. “The initiatives within our long-range strategic plan, which focused on broadening the guest experience through more immersive attractions and entertainment, are clearly resonating in our markets. The successful execution of these initiatives by our talented park teams, and the early contributions from the newly acquired Schlitterbahn water parks, combined to produce our record results in 2019.

“I am particularly pleased we once again, achieved solid growth across our three core revenue metrics of attendance, in-park per capita spending and out-of-park revenues,” added Zimmerman. “These record results reflect the strong consumer demand for our parks, rides and attractions, the special event programming and the immersive entertainment they offer.

“I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish this year — producing record results in the near term while setting the stage for further growth and creating value for our unitholders over the long term,” continued Zimmerman. “The success of our core operations, combined with many long-term initiatives now coming online, and the opportunities that acquisitions like Schlitterbahn present, give us great confidence in our ability to continue these record-setting trends for years to come.”

2019 Full-Year Results
For the full year ended Dec. 31, 2019, Cedar Fair generated record net revenues of $1.47 billion, an increase of $126 million, or 9%, compared with 2018. Driving the increase was an 8%, or 2 million-visit, increase in attendance to a record 27.9 million visits; a 1%, or $0.63, increase in in-park per capita spending to a record $48.32; and an 11%, or $16 million, increase in out-of-park revenues to a record $169 million.

On a same-park basis (excluding the two Schlitterbahn water parks acquired on July 1, 2019), 2019 net revenues totaled a record $1.43 billion, up $84 million, or 6%, driven by a 5%, or 1.3 million-visit, increase in attendance; a 1%, or $0.44, increase in in-park per capita spending; and an 8%, or $12 million, increase in out-of-park revenues.

The Company noted the 5% increase in 2019 same-park attendance reflects the following:

  • Record performance during the peak operating period of July through October;
  • Record performance of the parks’ season pass programs, which produced 53% of the total attendance mix;
  • A 6%, or nearly 1 million-visit, increase in unique visitors; and
  • The inaugural year of WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland, the Company’s park in Toronto.

The 1% increase in same-park in-park per capita spending reflects improved non-season pass admissions pricing and growth in other in-park spending. Solid year-over-year increases in the food/beverage and extra-charge product categories continued to drive the overall increase in other in-park spending despite the growth of the season pass attendance mix.

The 8% increase in same-park out-of-park revenues was primarily attributable to an increase in transaction fee revenues during the year, as well as increased accommodations revenues, including resort bookings at Sawmill Creek after its acquisition on July 3, 2019.

Operating income for 2019 was $309 million, up $19 million, or 7%, when compared to 2018. The increase in operating income is attributable to the 9% increase in net revenues noted above, offset somewhat by an increase of $98 million, or 11%, in operating costs and expenses compared to 2018. On a same-park basis, and excluding $7 million of acquisition-related costs, operating costs and expenses in 2019 were up $64 million, or 7%, with the increase due to higher labor costs driven by wage-rate increases; incremental operating costs associated with the Company’s new facilities and immersive events, including the inaugural WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland; and incremental variable operating costs, in particular, cost of goods sold and transaction fees associated with the record attendance levels.

During 2019, the Company recognized $100 million of interest expense compared with $86 million for 2018, with the increase due to interest incurred on the 2029 senior notes issued in June 2019 and incremental revolver borrowings during the year. The net effect of swaps in 2019 resulted in a $17 million charge to earnings compared with $7 million in 2018. The difference reflects changes in fair market value for these swaps. During the year, the Company also recognized a $21 million gain on foreign currency compared with a $36 million net charge for 2018. Both amounts primarily represent the re-measurement of the U.S.-dollar denominated debt held at the Company’s Canadian property from the applicable currency to the legal entity’s currency. In addition, the provision for taxes in 2019 increased $8 million to $43 million due to a $10 million tax benefit recognized in 2018 for the implementation of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

After the items above, net income for 2019 totaled $172 million, or $3.03 per diluted limited partner (LP) unit, a 36% increase when compared with net income of $127 million, or $2.23 per diluted unit, in 2018. On a same-park basis, net income for the year totaled $160 million, up $34 million, or 27%.

For 2019, Adjusted EBITDA, which management believes is a meaningful measure of the Company’s park-level operating results, was $505 million, an increase of 8%, or $37 million, when compared with last year. On a same-park basis, Adjusted EBITDA was up 5%, or $21 million, largely the result of the increase in revenues during the year. The higher revenues in 2019 are attributable to solid increases in attendance, in-park per capita spending and out-of-park revenues, offset in part by planned increases in labor and operating supply costs and variable costs associated with the higher attendance. See the attached table and footnote 3 for a reconciliation of net income to Adjusted EBITDA.

“The early impact of our strategic initiatives was at the center of our success in 2019 and we expect those initiatives to be a cornerstone driver of growth well into the future,” said Zimmerman. “In 2020, we plan to expand upon our strategy of offering limited duration special events and experiential entertainment of scale, while continuing to invest in the traditional rides and attractions which have worked so well for so long.”

For the coaster enthusiast, Zimmerman noted the headliner in 2020 will be Kings Island’s OrionTM, one of only seven giga coasters worldwide and the park’s 15th coaster. Meanwhile, new water park features are coming to five of the Company’s properties, with California’s Great America introducing the expanded and rebranded South Bay Shores, and the Company’s newest parks, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Galveston, introducing the first phase of improvements within multi-year refreshment plans. A new Camp Snoopy will greet young families at Michigan’s Adventure in 2020, while Grand Carnivale and Summer Nights will turn midways into evening street parties at several additional parks this year. Finally, season-long surprises and yet-to-be-announced special events await guests celebrating the major milestones of Cedar Point’s 150th Anniversary and Knott’s Berry Farm’s 100th Anniversary.

Zimmerman also noted the Company continues to advance important long-term initiatives that position it for growth well into the future. In 2020, the Company will broadly launch PassPerksTM, its new loyalty program, which was piloted in 2019 and is designed to encourage passholders to visit more often, as well as provide rewards that promote higher renewal and retention rates. The Company’s resort properties also expand in 2020 with full-year operations commencing at the newly opened SpringHill Suites hotel at Carowinds, in Charlotte, and tournament play beginning at the new Cedar Point Sports Center, in Sandusky, Ohio.

Zimmerman added that current long-lead indicators offer an encouraging outlook for the Company heading into 2020. “Building off the momentum we established during this past season, our 2020 season pass sales program, which began in August, is off to its best start ever, with sales of season passes and related all-season products up more than $40 million across the system,” said Zimmerman. “Few indicators reflect the appreciation and demand for the entertainment product we provide more than seeing a 40%-plus ramp in the early-season sale of season passes.”

Zimmerman concluded by saying, “We are committed to evolving the guest experience and being more than just a place to ride rides. Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we remain confident in the fundamentals of our business model, the growth opportunities available to us, and our ability to maintain and grow the distribution. In everything we do, we remain committed to delivering excellent near-term value to our unitholders, while at the same time delivering on our new long-term growth target of increasing annual Adjusted EBITDA to $600 million by 2024.”

Distribution Declared
The Company also announced the declaration of a cash distribution of $0.935 per LP unit, which is consistent with its targeted annualized distribution rate of $3.74 per LP unit. The distribution will be paid on March 17, 2020, to unitholders of record as of March 4, 2020.

Major new entertainment and dining attraction heading to Broadway At The Beach

By | February 19, 2020

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C— Broadway at the Beach, the No. 1 family entertainment destination in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is pleased to announce the addition of The Hangout. This lively restaurant, retail and entertainment venue will be the first new addition to the Entertainment District currently under construction at the southeast corner of the property.   

Scheduled to open in late 2020, The Hangout will become a new gathering place for great food and family fun. The menu spotlights seasonal seafood dishes, beachside burgers, sandwiches and tacos, appetizers and sides made from locally sourced ingredients prepared from scratch in a world-class hi-tech kitchen designed to handle thousands of diners daily. It will offer live music year-round both on indoor and outdoor stages. 

The Hangout’s unique brand of family entertainment includes dancing and contests led by energetic cast members, a ton-of-fun sand pile, fire pits and courtyard games. The 40,000-square-foot destination will include a whimsical retail store and an assortment of unique art installations curated especially for this location, including a wall covered in rare antique lunch boxes, an enormous collection of Pez dispensers, a “wish wall” and other interactive and creative installations. Sports enthusiasts will have plenty of viewing options to catch the game on the numerous big screens.

Special events will be offered throughout the year, including a magical Pirates and Princesses breakfast, featuring a scrumptious breakfast served family style, treasure hunts and entertainment led by entertainers decked out in pirate garb and fanciful princess attire. 

 “We are thrilled to welcome The Hangout, one of the most popular family entertainment destinations on the Gulf Coast, to Broadway at the Beach,” said Chad E. Carlson, executive vice president of the Commercial Division at Burroughs & Chapin. “The Hangout’s high energy and family-friendly atmosphere will appeal to guests of all ages and will be a perfect complement to our thoughtfully curated collection of guest experiences.”

The Broadway at the Beach location will be the second for The Hangout and its trailblazing creator, Shaul Zislin. The original, located in Gulf Shores, Ala., opened in 2008 and hosts the annual Hangout Music Festival in May.  “Broadway at the Beach is the perfect home for our next chapter” said Shaul Zislin, co-founder of The Hangout Hospitality Group together with his wife Lilly, who is also the creative director. “The Hangout is all about different generations coming together, making memories and enjoying our many flavors of fun.”

Step up to the ultimate SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge

By | February 19, 2020

Dust off those sketchers, change your laces and ready your active wear because registration and fundraising for the annual SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge opens today.

While the official event is still three months away, you best believe you’ll want to start training now in order to dominate the 1,331 stairs to level 77 of the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere.

As you cross the country’s most spectacular finish line at SkyPoint Observation Deck you’ll not only be rewarded with the victory of conquering Australia’s highest stair challenge but also, knowing your efforts give back to those in needs.

“Thanks to over 4,400 people having participated in the stair challenge since it first began in 2015, we have donated over $195,000 to local charities and this year, we hope to increase that by another

$50,000,” Dylan Hunt, General Manager SkyPoint said.

“We are proud to be part of such a community driven event to stand together with our locals who need it most, especially in the current environment with so many people having been impacted by the recent bushfire crisis and flooding.”

This year, organisers hope to see 1,000 people come together to run, crawl and climb through the 77 spiralling stories of the iconic Q1 building to increase their steps, whilst raising funds and awareness for the not-for-profit charity; LIVIN.

The group was first founded on the Gold Coast in 2013 and has quickly grown, delivering LIVINWell

programs to 21 different schools across the country which have impacted over 70,000 young people.

Their movement is all about breaking the stigma around mental health, along with connecting, supporting and encouraging people to talk about their feelings to drive generational change.

“Research tells us that exercise has a positive effect on our mood, so we encourage everyone to come along,” Casey Lyons, LIVIN Co-Founder said.

“All money raised from this event will be used in the delivery of our LIVINWell program in schools throughout the country, equipping students with skills including how to spot the warning signs and symptoms, where to get help, how to help yourself and how to help someone else.”

All Stair Challenge participants must pledge a $35 minimum donation on top of their event registration, with all monies raised going directly toward breaking the stigma around mental health with LIVIN.

Grab your friends and let’s rally together to make another bold step in the right direction to stand up for our locals living with mental illness.

While registration will remain open until the official event date on Sunday 17 May, participants are able to nab an early bird registration fee before Sunday 1 March.

Book now and find out more about the stair-raising challenge online at

A Near-to-home, coaster-riding, fun-loving wholesome family spring break

By | February 19, 2020

BRANSON, Missouri – Silver Dollar City, the internationally awarded theme park in the Ozark Mountains, breaks notions of a traditional Spring “Break” with the awakening from winter hibernation of 40 themed rides & attractions – including 2 world record-breaking roller coasters. Celebrating a Diamond Jubilee 60th Anniversary, the park is well-recognized today as a family-thrill destination, growing from humble beginnings of offering cave tours in the 1950s to entertaining 2.2 million guests annually.

Spring Ride Days also marks the opening of the Rivertown Smokehouse, the largest investment in a restaurant in both Silver Dollar City’s and the company’s history, with over 10,000 square feet of area, patio and 450 seats. Across from the Smokehouse is the new Clara Belle’s Cinnamon Bread, a bakery dedicated to a variety of Silver Dollar City famous cinnamon breads, desserts and specialty coffee.

Rides considered to have a world footprint include the towering Time Traveler roller coaster that vaults guests over a 10-story, 90-degree drop in a steampunk-inspired time machine at a top speed of 50.3 miles per hour while flipping through three separate upside-downs, earning Time Traveler the title of “Fastest, Steepest & Tallest Spinning Coaster in the World.” The ride’s only-of-its-kind magnetic spin ensures an exciting but controlled and smooth coaster ride—perfect for re-rides.  Also, Outlaw Run, a record-breaking wood roller coaster, is inspired by the historical journeys of pioneers heading West from Missouri into unknown territory.  The stagecoach-themed coaster cars mimic an out-of-control run from an outlaw. Don’t worry, here, “The Good Guys Always Win” on this Guinness World Record-holder for “Steepest Drop on a Wooden Coaster” (2015).

The park is also home to more family-friendly rides, with specific areas designed and constructed for smaller children. The ten family adventures in Fireman’s Landing are centered on a spirit of volunteerism, providing kids their own chance to “volunteer” with rides themed to a variety of “training” activities. Ten additional young-family rides are presented at the park’s own version of an 1880s World’s Fair—The Grand Exposition. “Marvels of technology” are on display, including a junior-sized roller coaster, spinning swings, swinging wooden ships and more.

For adrenaline-seeking appetites, the Rivertown Smokehouse, part of the all-new Rivertown area of the park, is nestled on the banks of Mystic River Falls, a new river raft water ride at Silver Dollar City, set to open in early summer 2020. Upon opening, Mystic River Falls will feature the “Tallest Drop on a Raft Ride in the Western Hemisphere,” making the 4.5 story drop “The Wettest Splashdown in the Park’s History.”

Silver Dollar City opens for the 2020 season on March 17, marking the beginning of Spring Ride Days, open through March 29 (closed March 23). Young Christians’ Weekend adds an additional weekend of fun April 3-5. A full schedule may be found at

Embed fuels fun for Gamestate Arena, Amsterdam

By | February 17, 2020

DUBAI, UAE — Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries is proud to be part of the newest and sixth venue of Jar BV Gamestate located in Amsterdam. With its doors opened on 15 Nov 2019, the Gamestate Arena has an area of over 1,250 sq. meters and is the largest arcade hall in Netherlands and the Benelux Union.

Visitors of Gamestate Arena can now enjoy the latest trends and technology developments featuring virtual reality (VR) immersion rooms. Enhancing the guest experience, Embed’s integrated solution and 180 smartTOUCH card readers, enable the guests to play and win without having to walk across the floor to check the balance or queue to reload their cards. Guests can continue having fun and playing the games with just a tap or swipe. Add on Embed’s self-service KIOSK which allows the guests to register their game cards with their personal details, Gamestate is able to customise package deals, upsell features and reload game cards based on the data collected and make more informed business decisions, resulting in increased revenue.

“We are really excited to be part of Gamestate’s array of ventures and are truly proud of the partnership we have. This partnership reinforces our commitment to offer the best products and services available in the market. When our customers thrive, we thrive. The success of their amusement sites are our success too, and we are fully committed to support and keep fuelling fun in their businesses.” said Rosa Tahmaseb, Embed Managing Director – EMEA.

Betson Enterprises to showcase latest games & products at Amusement Expo 2020

By | February 14, 2020

Betson Enterprises is excited to showcase the latest arcade equipment at this year’s Amusement Expo in New Orleans, LA, from March 10th – 11th. 

This year’s line-up features the premiere of BUST-A-MOVE Frenzy, the much loved, original bubble-popping game is back in the arcade. Also featured, is the action-packed and rowdy offroad racing game Nitro Trucks, and the latest content and cabinet update for Big Buck Hunter –  Big Buck Reloaded. The line-up will also include current favorites and top earners such as Halo: Fireteam Raven, Super Bikes 3, and Nerf Arcade.

Along with the latest arcade games, the Betson Imperial Parts & Service team, and Goldfinger representatives, will be on hand with the latest touch-screen monitors and products, perfect for gaming cabinets, digital signage and more. The parts team will also be happy to discuss their Essential Parts Program Packages, uniquely designed for each location and their selection of games.

Betson’s in-house Financial Services team will be in the booth to discuss exclusive financing and leasing specials. Please stop by booth #213 to play the latest games and speak to Betson Sales, Betson Parts, Goldfinger and Betson Finance.

TrainerTainment adds sales specialists Krista Estes and Sonya Terry to its growing team

By | February 13, 2020

FORT WORTH, Texas — TrainerTainment is pleased to announce that Krista Estes and Sonya Terry have joined the company as sales specialists. 

Krista comes to TrainerTainment after eight years with Walmart as a talent manager and trainer in its Academy Operations training center. She is a third-generation amusement industry veteran, having started her career as a teenager working in her family’s Cowtown Bowling Palace in Fort Worth. Her father, Jay Trietley, is a 40-year veteran of the bowling industry who taught her the essentials of customer service. 

Krista was a competitive youth bowler and began her college studies on a scholarship from the Youth American Bowling Alliance. She graduated college with a B.S. in fashion merchandising from Texas Women’s University and a M.S. in organizational leadership from Northwood University. 

Sonya Terry joins TrainerTainment after more than 16 years in the laser tag industry as a trainer, general manager and area manager in Texas for Leisure Entertainment Corporation of Canada. The company’s Laser Quest is one of the first manufacturers and operators of laser tag arenas. Sonya has extensive experience in training and motivating young, first-time workers in the amusement industry, which is one of TrainerTainment’s specialties. 

Prior to Laser Quest Sonya worked for more than ten years in fashion retail, where her responsibilities including developing policies, procedures and best practices for Boot Town, a chain of 17 western wear stores. “Krista and Sonya know from experience the training and operating practices that lead to the success of an amusement center,” says Beth Standlee, CEO of TrainerTainment. “They are also accomplished sales professionals who are ideally suited to helping our customers grow their sales and service teams and make their businesses thrive.”