Hownd helping deploy PPP loans to underserved brick & mortar merchants at risk of not receiving funds

By | January 28, 2021

TEMPE, Ariz. — Hownd an automated pay-only-for-results foot traffic and revenue- generation platform for local brick & mortar retail businesses, has released a streamlined and easy way for merchants to obtain their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds.

The company’s partnership with Elev8 Advisors Group and Business Warrior is focused on underserved business owners at risk of not receiving funds due to banks prioritizing larger businesses and their own customers first.

Connecting PPP Funds to TRUE Small Businesses
Congress has passed a second round of stimulus funds and Hownd, along with its partners, is determined to make sure the second round of PPP funding doesn’t go like the first where the majority of funds went to multi-million-dollar organizations while true small local businesses suffered. Banks and other organizations involved benefited financially from these loans and they focused on the larger deals that benefited their own organizations the most. This resulted in many small businesses not successfully securing their share before funds ran out.

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Hownd and Business Warrior are combining their PPP efforts as both have identified a major gap in the current PPP process for many small business owners, which is that most banks are requiring PPP loan applicants to be a current banking customer as of December 2020 leaving many small business owners exposed to not receiving funding.

Solving the Problem
Hownd is focused on ensuring all eligible small business owners receive their maximum qualified loan amounts. The company will help small business owners navigate the PPP process through its partnerships and application process that’s 100% online with applications taking less than five minutes to complete. This offer to small businesses applies to those who didn’t get the first round of PPP loans, and there’s no designated bank requirement. The application portal may be found here. Applications will begin processing the week of Jan. 25th, 2021.

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“We’re directly aligned with our partners Business Warrior and Elev8 Advisors on the need to make sure small businesses get the loans they’re entitled to and we’re eager to help,” says Brandon Willey, Founder & CEO of Hownd. “To supplement the easy PPP application process, we’ve also aligned with Business Warrior to provide extra value to merchants who use the application process by waiving the first 90 days of Hownd’s standard zero-risk Pay-Per-Visit fees up to $100 for qualifying brick & mortar retail merchants.”

“Business Warrior fights for small businesses as our core value, and many businesses and their employees will be left out of PPP again if we don’t act to provide an easy and simple way for them to get the money they deserve,” says Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior. “We’re enthusiastic about our partnership with Hownd and Elev8 to make this process easier. In addition to

Hownd’s waiver of its Pay-Per-Visit fees up to $100, Business Warrior is also waiving $300 in fees for its set of ‘Growth Score’ services that help businesses to gauge and improve their online presence, reputation, and ability to attract customers.

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Both BZWR and Hownd are leveraging Elev8 Advisors Group technology for PPP loan fulfillment. With 20 years of banking experience, Elev8 will help ensure the application process is simple, reliable, and open to all eligible businesses. “Elev8 Advisors knows the complexity of the PPP process and we have simplified it so all business owners will know with confidence the status of their money. Through our technology platform, blueacorn, businesses of all sizes and types – especially 1099 owners – have access to what they deserve,” says Adam Spencer, Managing Partner of Elev8 Advisors Group