Mauer Rides: Signature Tower ST 30 — an idea makes its mark

By | December 17, 2020

Maurer Rides has designed a concept that will inspire technicians and marketing managers alike: The Spike Signature Tower makes a own trademark and digs itself into the most memorable experiences of its guests like a rideable autograph.

Imagine a roller coaster in the future that looks like a signature or autograph; like the company logo or the lettering of the leading brand product – in other words, a brand becomes an unforgettable experience. Emotion is paired with a message – and it’s visible from afar.

No, this is not a pipe dream, this is the core of the new concept “Signature Tower” from the Munich-based roller coaster manufacturer Maurer Rides. The technical basis of the Signature Tower is the patented and award-winning Spike® drive. It frees the designers from limiting facts like lifts, launches or block brakes and opens up a densely packed ride experience.

And who says you have to stay “close” to the ground: The Signature Tower spirals upward: curve, arc, loop, figure eight, one level after another, passengers’ jet upward, experiencing wide-open views and uplifting forces – before plummeting back down into the tangle of calligraphy styled Signature coils.

The tower concept saves on only one thing: the footprint. Instead, it puts an exclamation mark on the landscape. This roller coaster tower, which is 30 meters high in concept, can be scaled to any height. And if the passengers get a little queasy in this process: Part of the Spike® concept is that passengers actually control their own speed at every moment of the ride. This means that even spectacular track layouts can be ridden family-like.

Another effect of the dense tower design is that the cars meet each other on the ascent and descent, something that rarely happens on conventional roller coaster layouts.

The new concept idea has so much potential that Maurer Rides wants to build up its own sub-brand from it: “Signature towers make their mark: in the landscape, in the design, and in recognition. Every company gets its very own unmistakable tower with a color and lighting concept,” enthused Managing Director and engineer, Jörg Beutler.

Especially at night, the Signature Towers are visible from afar. And they are more than just an illuminated ride: they are a pure brand, visible, accessible, unique.