Cloud data storage from Intercard helps skating center owners recover from devastating fire

By | November 2, 2020

ST. LOUIS — In September, fire ravaged the King Family Fun Center, popularly known as Skate Tiffany’s, in Puyallup, Washington. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the iconic community skating rink and other indoor attractions were devastated.

Owners Dennis and Melinda King put out a call to the community for help with the clean-up. Intercard sales rep Amber Lambert lives nearby, and she and her family volunteered to spend a Saturday morning cleaning up smoke-damaged roller skates at the popular roller rink and FEC.

“Intercard’s customers are part of a global family, and family helps out in times of need,” says Lambert. “I also toured the facility and saw the damage done by the fire, including the destruction of their computer servers and arcade games. They were a total loss.”

Thanks to Intercard’s use of data storage in a secure cloud environment, the Kings did not lose any of their business data despite the destruction of their computer servers. “Intercard had all their point-of-sale data backed up,” says Lambert. “This has made it possible to retrieve data and get access to the financial reporting they need for their insurance claim.”

The Kings told News that they plan to come back strong and get the skating rink rebuilt as soon as possible. “We know how much it means to the community, and that’s what saddens us the most, is not having a place for the community,” Dennis King said. The center’s outdoor attractions remain open.

About King Family Entertainment Center 
Opened in November 1969 and originally known as Tiffany’s Skate Inn, the center has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. The late Dennis King, Sr. and his wife Carole ran Tiffany’s and three other roller skating facilities in Washington state. When the Kings retired, they sold the business to their son, Dennis King, Jr., and his wife, Melinda.  In 2013, Tiffany’s Skate Inn became “Skate Tiffany’s Roller Skating & Family Fun Center.” Then in 2020 the Kings rebranded their business as “King Family Fun Centers” as part of their plan to open additional skating FECs in Western Washington and beyond.