New Haunted House experience during Halloween Nights at Toverland

By | September 9, 2020

Theme park Toverland presents the Halloween Nights on 14 nights in October and November. One hundred and twenty scare actors take up residence in five scare zones, a haunted house and a maze at this popular event. A couple of unique experiences, including a new Haunted House called ‘Maison de la Magie’, will frighten the hell out of visitors. Toverland stays open until 23:00 hours during these Halloween Nights. More information can be found on

New Haunted House experience: Maison de la Magie
On a brand new Toverland-location stands a majestic mansion that belongs to Oscar Pendula. This world famous illusionist disappeared from the stage in the 1930s, when one of his illusions went horribly wrong. Maison de la Magie is where daredevils enter Oscar Pendula’s abandoned mansion and go on a terrifying discovery tour, searching for his dark secrets.This Haunted House experience lasts approximately 15 minutes. Visitors will need a separate ticket for Maison de la Magie. A ticket costs € 7.50 for regular visitors and € 6.- for those who have an annual pass and can be booked via Toverland’s website. Capacity is limited. 

Two renewed scare zones
Also two scare zones have been redesigned. One of the zones, called ‘Cirque – Royal Edition’ has been extended this year. Clowns, performers and circus creeps are not the only obstacles here, because a traditional cake walk attraction has been added. And ice witch Morgana takes power over theme area Avalon again. ‘Morgana’s Frozen Knights’ is where visitors have to battle with her ice knights.Walkthrough-experience The Witches Forest, haunted house Fear the Woods, a maze called Trapped and scare zones Shadows of the Sea, DesTroy and Fiesta de Los Muertos all return to Toverland this year. Various extra corona measures will be in place during the Halloween Nights. A Selfie-spot, where visitors have the opportunity to take a selfie with scare actors at an appropriate distance, is added to each scare zone and a one-way system has been put in place inside the scare zones to encourage the flow of people. Haunted house Fear the Woods has been moved to a bigger location.

Practical information
The Halloween Nights take place on 9 and 10 October, 16 until 18 October, 20 until 24 October, 30 and 31 October and 6 and 7 November. The new Haunted House experience Maison de la Magie and haunted house Fear the Woods are open from 15:00 hours, all other activities start at 19:00 hours. Toverland remains open during the Halloween Nights until 23:00 hours. There’s a Halloween Magic Wand for scaredy-cats: as soon as the light of this wand is ignited, the ghouls will automatically go away. Halloween Days take place on selected dates between 9 October and 8 November, with extra Happy Halloween activities for the whole family. Tickets must be booked in advance via because of a limited capacity.