Chance Rides provides social distancing for fun at the Saint Louis Zoo!

By | July 13, 2020

Recognized worldwide for its innovative approaches to animal care, the Saint Louis Zoo continues to take its guest safety to innovative new levels by partnering with Chance Rides for custom Plexiglas dividers for their C.P. Huntington Trains. The trains, built by Chance Rides product, have provided fun-filled zoo tours to 60 million riders worldwide since 1963 when the popular trains first arrived.

Because of the COVID-19, social distancing solutions needed to be developed to keep the track rolling and guest safe while riding trains. “Chance Rides was prompt in helping create a solution and letting us know how they could help. They worked with us on prototyping, so we received exactly what we needed to fit our specific train car models, even allowing for sound from our PA Systems to travel easier. Chance Rides also got our large order to us quickly and all 6 trains ready for reopening of the zoo,” stated Ryan D. Jeffery, M.A., ICAE, Director, Visitor Services, Saint Louis Zoo. The dividers have allowed the Zoo to operate all of their trains at 100 percent capacity, while allowing and maintaining passenger safety by separating groups. Chance Rides’ dividers are enabling the Saint Louis Zoo to perform at numbers comparable to last year. This is critical for businesses to attempt to recover in 2021 as more Americans are eagerly coming out of quarantine.

Harold Chance, the Founder of Chance Manufacturing Co Inc., developed the very first C.P. Huntington Train in 1962. The Saint Louis Zoo was the first institution to place a large order and started a popular trend in the industry. The original CPH Trains puffed out of the Saint Louis Zoo Train Station in 1963 and the Zoo has purchased 22 more CPH trains. Chance Rides is excited to be distributing dividers for Trams and People Movers. Chance Rides products serve customers that include large theme parks, amusement parks, FEC’s, zoos and aquariums, and location- based entertainment venues. Chance Rides has manufactured, delivered, and installed over 5,000 amusement rides, coasters, and people movers, that meet a variety of customer requirements and expectation.