OABA Covid-19 update: urgent call to action required

By | March 18, 2020

Our industry, for the most part, is shut down until at least the end of May. Most events are cancelled and some still scheduled most likely will not occur. The federal government has revised CDC guidelines, and many states and municipalities have imposed restrictions that surpass the federal suggestions. Our industry must be recognized by the federal government as a sector that is greatly affected by COVID-19.

Gregg Hartley and the team at HB Strategies, have changed their focus from H2B work to Federal funding for our industry in response to COVID-19. They are working very closely with OABA and the IAFE to make certain that Legislators are aware of the plight of our industry.

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EACH OF US CAN DO TO PROVIDE RELEIF TO OUR INDUSTRY. Please send the attached letter, or one customized to your organization, to your two Federal Senators and Federal Representative today. This request is not limited to carnival operators but to everyone in our industry.

If you don’t know who to write to you can link here to find out:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OABA office at 407-848-4958 or oaba@oaba.org Thank you!