News and a message from Rides 4 U

By | March 24, 2020

Paul Mauer Shows of California is excited to receive their new KMG Freak Out! Having just arrived from the Netherlands, the ride has not only cleared customs but has been loaded onto a truck and Rides 4 U‘s John Yonkers is just awaiting his clearance papers to drive the ride across country and deliver it to Paul Mauer Shows!

Once it arrives, Rides 4 U‘s Robby Tucker will work with Paul Mauer to set-up, test, and operate the ride! Mauer’s goal is to have the ride ready for midway guests as soon as he’s given the greenlight to resume shows.

SBF/Visa Group has shipped a new Air Balloon Observation Tower with a unique sports theme to Adventureland of Long Island, New York.

The new 70-foot-tall ride is a first-of-its-kind anywhere in the world!

The SBF/Visa Group’s ride manufacturing facilities remain operational with hopes that parks and entertainment centers reopen soon. The company is ready ready to deliver family fun to the midways in the days and weeks to come!

“In light of what is happening throughout the world regarding COVID-19, we want you to know that the Rides 4 U office staff are working remotely and from home, with our office lines and emails still forwarded directly to our staff. Despite the change in our office structure, the entire Rides 4 U family is continuing operations and continues to work with our customers to ensure their midways and facilities are ready to welcome guests when they reopen.Here is to staying united and to fun-filled days ahead!”
-Len Soled, Rides 4 U