A truly exceptional educational event: a school group of young enthusiasts had a preview of the LEGOLAND Water Park building site at Gardaland

By | February 20, 2020

It was a truly exceptional visit and the school group had a preview of the building site of LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland. The visit was guided by a member of the worksite management team. The children were able to see the building site for themselves and enjoy an exclusive visit to the Beach Party attraction, which is almost completed.

The inquisitive children wanted all the details about what will become – on 29 May – the perfect combination of imagination, entertainment and water games. They asked a lot of questions: “How many slides will there be?”, “when can I go on the attraction?”, but above all “will there be LEGO bricks to play with?”

“The experience of building and creativity will be one of the key elements of the Water Park, – stated Luca Marigo, Sales and Marketing Director at Gardaland – “especially in the Build a Boat attraction, where young visitors can let their imagination run free and build boats using LEGO bricks”.

Thanks to an interactive platform, the models can then be lined up in the watercourse with those of the other competitors and launched at full speed to see which boat will cross the finishing line first. Small dams will also be positioned along the route to create deviations and modify the watercourse.

The Build a Boat attraction will be located inside the LEGO Creation Island dedicated to playing, creativity and discovery, where imagination is complemented by entertainment! Here, younger children can also build various types of creations with DUPLO® bricks, in addition to decorating a big sandcastle made entirely of LEGO bricks and using large soft blocks to build huge walls for guaranteed fun.

After visiting far and wide the building site and seeing the spot where the Build a Boat attraction will be located, the school group was able to try building boats, joined by the popular mascot Prezzemolo. At tables piled high with thousands of colourful LEGO bricks, the kids let their imagination run free to make sailing ships, dinghies, tenders, barges, canoes, motorboats and fishing boats to win an entry ticket for LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland.

“The enthusiasm shown today by these children confirms the perfect combination of the LEGO Group’s core values, that is Entertainment, Quality, Imagination, Creativity, Learning” – added Luca Marigo, Sales and Marketing Director Gardaland – “with the Imagination, Adventure and Magic of Gardaland. “These are the elements that characterise LEGOLAND® Water Park at Gardaland”.

LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland will be made from millions of colourful LEGO bricks, where all enthusiasts can have fun and put their imagination to work. When you cross the threshold of the large blue and white arch-shaped entrance that is reminiscent of a huge wave, your eyes will be drawn to Miniland, an extensive area that will host hundreds of monuments and the most iconic symbols of Italy built with LEGO bricks.

There will also be amusing adventures at the LEGO River Adventure that can be taken onboard inflatable dinghies and which visitors can customise with large floating LEGO bricks.

That’s not all. The Park will feature irresistible attractions with colourful slides of many different lengths and heights suitable for all ages, and canons that shoot water into a large bucket: guaranteed entertainment for free-fall slides, with dinghies, in the open air or in the dark, where everyone will find the perfect slide to try out!

Lastly, the large Pirate Bay pool, the perfect place for the entire family for swimming, cooling down or simply relaxing. Entering the pool gradually allows children to adventure into the water and have fun playing with the LEGO personalities and conquering the pirate stronghold.

LEGO enthusiasts have great expectations not only in Italy but also in other locations in Europe because the park that is being built at Gardaland will be the fifth in the world and the very first LEGOLAND Water Park in Europe.

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