Rides 4 U delivers game changing package of attractions

By | December 20, 2019

SOMERVILLE, N.J. — During IAAPA Expo 2019, Rides 4 U unveiled a package of attractions perfectly suited for family entertainment centers and amusement parks looking to make an impact in a small space.

“For years, we’d discussed the possibility of locating multiple rides within one footprint. This year, we did it,” stated Len Soled of Rides 4 U. “The result is a complete grouping of rides that will thrill and delight guests all inside of the footprint of our new Big Air Coaster.”

The Big Air Coaster is the headliner of the package. The coaster’s rectangular layout features turns and bunny hops that send Visa’s popular spinning coaster cars whirling. In addition, the coaster train can feature the new 360-degree spinning “hamster wheel” car, which sends guests whirling in a whole new direction. 

“The Big Air Coaster was a home run at IAAPA Expo 2019,” said Soled. “Some coaster enthusiasts said the ride was one of the best coaster experiences they have had.” The first Big Air coaster was sold to Craig’s Cruisers in Silver Lake, Mich. Several carnivals were also interested in the ride and the possibility of putting it on a trailer. 

“Using both the ‘hamster wheel’ car and the spinning coaster cars on one train really allows for The Big Air Coaster to offer two very unique, and very different rides along one track,” explained Soled. “Thrill seekers will wait in line for the ‘hamster wheel’, while the spinning cars have a lower height requirement and are perfect for families who want to ride together.”

The tracks of The Big Air Coaster encompassed three other attractions from SBF/Visa. The popular Mini Dance Party 360 sent thrill-seeking guests spinning head-over-heels. The iconic tower of the Drop N’ Twist ride lured eyes to the conglomeration of rides while guests dropped, spun and bounced aboard with delight. Finally, a Mini Break Dance had guests swirling with intense and fun g-forces.

All of the rides were augmented with spectacular LED lighting packages.

“These attractions are available individually, and we’ve sold most of them for years,” explained Soled. “However, now, FECs and amusement parks can order the whole package or plan for it and have four breathtaking attractions all within a tight footprint. These rides deliver the thrills and fun, each one can be a boost for an FEC or park on their own. But together, they are an instant game-changer.”