MajorMega and Hersheypark announce summer 2019 R&D partnership

By | August 23, 2019

HERSHEY, Pa. — Pennsylvania-based virtual reality studio andlocation-based entertainment company MajorMega is thrilled to announce a research and development partnership with Hersheypark, the 121-acre amusement park in Hershey, Pa, featuring more than 70 rides, a waterpark, zoo and entertainment offerings like shows and arcades for guests.

The partnership brings Hyperdeck – MajorMega’s four-player, immersive virtual reality attraction – to one of the arcade areas in Hersheypark through September 2, 2019.

The 300-square-feet Hyperdeck will fully immerse four players as they travel together across vast worlds and experiences on the Hyperdeck vessel, featuring a full-motion floor and multisensory effects such as strong winds, heat and earth-rattling movements.

“Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, our team has loved Hersheypark for years!” said Mike Bridgman, co-founder of MajorMega. “We are beyond excited by the opportunity to partner with a leader in the amusement industry and debut the Hyperdeck at Hersheypark for a limited time.”

“Throughout our 112-year-history, we have always focused on providing our guests of all ages with fun and innovative entertainment experiences,” said Vikki Hultquist, general manager of Hersheypark. “We’re excited to debut Hyperdeck as a first-of-its-kind immersive VR game in our arcade for guests to experience for a limited time this summer.”

MajorMega produces Hyperdeck games in-house, which feature cooperative and competitive gameplay with leaderboards, spectator play, rollercoaster moments, story driven narratives and arcade-like action focusing on replayability. A unique element is spectator play, as onlookers can interact with players directly in the game to try to help or challenge the player via tablets from outside the Hyperdeck.

Hyperdeck is available to Hersheypark guests through September 2, 2019, in the Overlook arcade at Hersheypark for an additional fee of $15 per player.

The Hyperdeck uses a single, simple to use touch-screen control panel to operate the attraction, requiring only one attendant to run it without complex training. The turnkey attraction is designed to be maintenance free with minimal electrical requirements and modular components that make upgrades fast, easy and convenient.

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