HB 233 to be considered by full Texas House

By | May 2, 2019

HB 233 by Rep. Matt Krause will be heard on the House floor this week, and this vote will be crucial for the establishment of a uniform and predictable school start date in Texas. We need your help to make sure this legislation passes! Call your state representative and let them know that you support HB 233.

What Should I Say When I Call?
The important thing is to let them know that you support a uniform and predictable school start date and the bill HB 233, as well as your reasons why. These reasons may include a personal example or one of the following talking points:

  • A uniform and predictable school start date allows families to plan ahead and guarantees a full three months of summer for students across Texas.
  • The personal enrichment that students get during the summer – whether from working a job, attending a summer camp, or simply having more time to explore their own interests outside of a classroom – can help combat any fears of a “summer slide” while creating a more well-rounded educational experience.
  • Military families can experience a huge headache if they’re forced to move post during the beginning or end of the school year, since school calendars vary from ISD to ISD.
  • The state would see an economic boom during the month of August as more families and tourists pour money into small businesses and vacation destinations within our state that would otherwise be forced to close up shop early.

Only Have a Moment to Spare?
No worries! This will take you to a quick form – just plug in some information to match to your legislator and we’ll handle the rest.

Additionally, you can use the “Click to Tweet” button to auto-generate a tweet in favor of HB 233. Please lend your voice to help pass this bill!