Fun Spot America Orlando adding a new Ferris Wheel

By | April 29, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. — Fun Spot America Orlando not only celebrated John Jr’s birthday but they announced the iconic Fun Spot ferris wheel is coming down. They are replacing the current ferris wheel with a brand new Technical Park wheel that has the world’s greatest led light package on it. This light package will keep you entertained all night long and it is one of the only wheels in the world that the gondolas will light up. The Technical Park Wheel is 98 feet tall and will have twenty ride gondolas that can accommodate six riders per gondola.

The new Wheel also will be outfitted with the newest LED light package that offers various light sequences, better depth of colors and a series of different light speeds to enhance its impact visually. The new Ferris Wheel will replace the existing Wheel, the first ride Fun Spot bought back in 1997, that currently sits next to the Bumper Kars and next to the parks U.S. patented Go-Kart tracks that elevate four stories in the air.

John Arie Jr, CEO of Fun Spot America Theme Parks says, “I am sad to see the first ride that Fun Spot America bought in 1997 leave our parks but at the same time we are replacing it with a brand new spectacular wheel. This wheel reminds me of a firework show where it catches your eye and you cant stop looking at it, waiting on the next big bang! This will definitely help light up north International Drive and attract more guests to this side of Kirkman road in the International drive district. This wheel will draw a fraction of the amount of energy compared to our old wheel because of the new drive motors and LED lights. It may not be the biggest wheel in Orlando but for Fun Spot it’s huge!! “