Movie Park Germany is all about families and presents lots of new attractions

By | March 14, 2019

Bottrop-Kirchhellen — Even more entertainment, action and cinematic experiences for the whole family: Movie Park Germany is rolling out the red carpet in 2019 for a season with lots of new attractions! The new PAW Patrol “Adventure Bay” area opens in May with exciting attractions and interactive features. A new LOONEY TUNES 4-D Experience starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, a revised show concept as well as the mysterious “Area 51 – Top Secret” – a re-theming of the popular Bermuda Triangle ride – awaits visitors this season.. The park reopens its doors on 29 March.

A howling good time for the whole family at the new PAW Patrol “Adventure Bay” area. The popular Nickelodeon series is brought to life with new attractions and interactive features. “PAW Patrol has consistently gained in popularity in recent years”, says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus, “and so we’re delighted to have an area dedicated to the series. Construction has been going at full speed since the winter.” At the new “PAW Patrol Adventure Tour” the whole family goes on a thrilling off-road ride with their four-footed heroes. Parents and children can sit in one of the six well-known rescue vehicles, including Marshall’s Fire Truck and Rubble’s Bulldozer. A new PAW Patrol beach playground ushers fans into the world of the Labrador Zuma and bulldog Rubble. An additional highlight: the pups’ secret Lookout Tower. At the foot of the 15-metre tower are a photo point and a meet-and-greet area. Young visitors will love “Zuma’s Zoomers”, a hovercraft ride on the beach at “Adventure Bay”.

Movie Park Germany is also rolling out some exciting innovations as part of its long-term quality strategy. This summer, an old classic will be getting an upgrade: a re-theming of the “Bermuda Triangle” water attraction. This popular ride, a unique mix of dark ride and water ride and the only one of its size in Europe, is being given a new theme involving the mysterious “Area 51” on Groom Lake in the Nevada desert. “The water attraction is one of the oldest rides in the park and also one of our most popular rides. Many of our regular visitors wanted a re-theming, and with ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’we’ll be offering our guests some refreshment fitting for hot summer days”, says Marketing & Sales Director Manuel Prossotowicz, with a wink. Visitors can even enjoy a musical soundtrack composed by IMAscore as well as lots of effects. The idea came from Movie Park Germany’s own creative department, which developed it in close collaboration with the IMAmedia team. The new theme takes visitors back to the 1950s. This military zone around Area 51 is kept closed off from the civil population, with rumors of alien life forms at Groom Lake. To promote transparency, the United States government invites the local population to an open day on the military base. On this mysterious trip visitors can learn for themselves how much truth lies behind the rumors and what secrets Groom Lake may still hold. The attraction will remain closed until June due to extensive renovations and redesigning. Opening is anticipated for the summer holidays.

‘Back to the roots’ is the name of the game at the Roxy 4-D cinema: two well-known figures are celebrating their comeback for a limited time at Movie Park Germany at the start of the season. With the new theatrical adventure „LOONEY TUNES 4D starring ROAD RUNNER and WILE E. COYOTE”, Movie Park Germany brings the two iconic animated characters back and onto the screen. Fans who grew up watching Warner Bros.’ LOONEY TUNES animated classics or who are discovering their timeless antics for the first time will enjoy zipping around the desert as WILE E. COYOTE pursues the upbeat and un-catchable ROAD RUNNER with fruitless, yet unwavering, determination. Presented in high-definition, digital 3-D with immersive special effects, these classic LOONEY TUNES characters come to life and bring guests along for the ride on their zany adventure as WILE E. COYOTE uses absurdly complex contraptions and elaborate plans to pursue the ROAD RUNNER in these hilarious, laugh-out-loud high action shorts.

Germany’s largest film park is remaining true to its slogan, “Hollywood in Germany” for its street entertainment and shows. Well-known walking acts like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis will be joined by new figures like Laurel and Hardy as they stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and entertain spectators. “This season we’ll have even more artists, look-alikes and street entertainment ushering guests into the world of film”, says Thorsten Backhaus. The stunt show “Crazy Cops New York” is also getting some new features. “We’ve given the stands a fresh coat of paint. The story line of the stunt show is also being further developed and gets the additional title ‘The Chameleon’. The spectators will experience new stunts, vehicles and a reworked show.” In addition, the jet-ski show by the Folco Team will be revived from May until September.

In the food services area, the park has also considered a new approach for its “Pizza & Pasta” restaurant. The street in front of the restaurant shall be raised and be re-purposed as an outdoor area with seating so that guests to this area may use it for leisurely dining in future. The facade of the restaurant and the inner courtyard will be upgraded with a new color scheme and decorations.

Guests will encounter extra action on selected days during the year, when a series of different events will take place in the park. “Last year’s Cosplay Day was quite well received by visitors. This year we’ll again be inviting numerous costumed performers to appear in the park as heroes from the film and gaming worlds to get this exciting event going on 15 June”, explains Thorsten Backhaus. Visitors will also enjoy Pyro Games, a very special fireworks duel, and events like the Cheerleading Championship. A highlight capping the season will be the 21st Halloween Horror Festival in October, when over 280 monsters will guarantee gruesome fun. Last year Movie Park Germany celebrated the 20th birthday of this event, the strongest autumn since 2000 and setting a new record for visitor numbers for the third year in a row. “We have lots of ideas for this year and can hardly wait to implement them. The Halloween Horror Festival is always a highlight for us”, says Manuel Prossotowicz, who will once again be putting the creative touches on the attraction together with his team.

Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus sums it up: “Movie Park Germany has made it its goal again this year to give families a day like being in a movie, with a mix of new attractions, re-themed rides and lots of entertainment”. Fittingly, the park was awarded a series of family-friendly quality seals in 2018: Movie Park Germany was again given a Gold rating (No. 1 in amusement parks) by Welt am Sonntag and Service Value. The park was also awarded the rating “Outstanding” as amusement park champion in the Große Deutschlandtest by Focus Money.