Eli Parawan promoted to Managing Director, Parks and Attractions at RIDE Entertainment

By | January 31, 2019

 NEW YORK, N.Y. — Ride Entertainment announced today that Eli Parawan has been promoted to Managing Director: Parks and Attractions effective immediately. Eli Parawan joined Ride Entertainment in 2015 and has managed all marketing and sales for Ride Entertainment Parks and Attractions for the last three years. The Managing Director: Parks and Attractions is responsible for overseeing all seven locations within Ride Entertainment Parks and Attractions while also helping to identify possible future sites for company growth. 

“Eli is already a well-respected leader within Ride Entertainment,” said Ed Hiller CEO and Founder of Ride Entertainment. “This promotion helps make official the hard work and guidance Eli has been providing to our site managers over the past few seasons.” 

“Eli is an incredible asset to our operations team,” said David Galst President of Parks and Attractions. “With compassion, determination, and an eye for detail I know Eli will deftly guide Parks and Attractions as we move forward.” 

“I am excited to be taking on new challenges and continuing to grow,” Parawan said. “Ride Entertainment Parks and Attractions division has an incredible team of people and I look forward to making this season our most successful yet.”